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10 Best Aesthetic Plants To Buy In 2023

author-img By Rashmi 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

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Everyone likes to have a lovely green and flowery garden in front of their porch. But plant maintenance is always a big headache. However, the Aesthetic indoor big leaf plants give your house a fresh makeover. These indoor green leaf plants are not only stylish but also air purifiers.

This is very true. We all are living in very polluted air. If you like to purify your polluted air, then big leaf plants with fresh-looking leaves will be your best pick. When you are planning these lovely green leaves to plant, this will also be a very progressive step toward the green earth revolution.

10 Aesthetic Plants To Buy In 2023


There are multiple types of big leaf house plants available in the plant shops. But every kind of green big leaf plant is not an air purifier. The modern interior concept is ‘use green and natural things and make your home a part of the green earth.

Here are ten aesthetic big leaf plants which you must buy in 2023.


1. Green Majesty Palm

Green Majesty Palm

The majesty Palms are the plants aesthetic which bringing a very nice tropical flavors and life into your home. Green majestic palm’s leaves are thin and long. The bottom of plants is not overburdened with leaves and branches. 

The air purifying options give this palm a 5 out of 4 scores. These big leaf plants are easy to identify with their long thin leaves.

Why Selecting This Plant?

  • This plant is perfect for indirect lights.
  • The green majestic palms are pretty good at air purifying.
  • You can call this plan a low-maintenance one.
  • Every plant requires only six or five hours of indirect sunlight in a day.

2. Birds Of Paradise

Birds Of Paradise

Birds of paradise is another great selection for big leaf plants. They are such types of plants that have long glossy leaves. Most of these leaves look like banana leaves. Your birds of paradise will add a lovely touch to your whole home interior.

Why Selecting This Plant?

  • This plant’s leaves are beautiful, fresh, and green.
  • Birds of paradise is a perfect indoor plant.
  • You only have to find a bright and shiny corner of your house. And put your plant in there.
  • The height is a little longer, so you have to keep those factors in mind.
  • Regular watering is required for this plant.

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

This is a green plants aesthetic are having ravishing looks like hibiscus plants shapes. This is because all leaves are wax coated. But unlike the palm and birds of paradise, these big leaf plants’ leaves are started from the very bottom of the plant.

Why Selecting This Plant?

  • Every indoor aesthetic green plants requires a very minimal amount of watering. And these fiddle leaf fig trees are one of these plants which do not need almost two weeks.
  • This aesthetic plants are a perfect indoor plant. So you do not have to put this plant right underneath the direct sunlight.
  • In a single word, these plants are the powerhouse of oxygen generations. Your indoor air will be purified and filled with lots of oxygen supply.

4. Cactus Plant

Cactus Plant

What are you thinking? Getting a plant is easy, but how to care for big leaf plants? The Cactus plant’s leaves are not very long and are comfortable for smaller places. Maybe the caucus plants do not supply an immense amount of oxygen. But if you are rather forgetful about watering, these plants will be your best selection.

Why Selecting This Plant?

  • Cactus are beautiful indoor plants.
  • Regular watering and direct sunlight are not required.
  • Even some of the Cactus has flowers. So you do not have to think about flowery plants.
  • Before buying it, always take the knowledge about the plant. Overwatering sometimes rots the plant’s body.

5. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants look like toy Aesthetic plants. The leaves are all wax-coated and thick. You can plant these trees in a white flower pot. Usually, the leaves of the plants are all dark green. Like the cactus plant, these plants are also very low maintenance. You do not have to water them regularly. Only cushions the plant’s secretions are harmful. So you have to keep the plant away from the reach of small children.

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Why Selecting This Plant?

  • A rubber plant is a low-maintenance Aesthetic plants.
  • You do not have to water the plant regularly.
  • Only you have to keep the plant’s soil moist and soft. But overwatering rots the plant’s body.
  • You have to put the plant under the bright but indirect sun.

6. Calathea Plant

Calathea Plant

Calatheas are one of the best-looking big leaf plants. Every leaf of this plant looks gorgeous. You can see multiple color variations on their leaves. For example, some of the Calatheas have regular artistic green leaves. Others have lovely light and dark green color strips on them. The perfect look for this Aesthetic plants are just to plant this tree in a flowerpot full of white pebbles.

Why Selecting This Plant?

  • Every Calatheas requires good care. But that is not like the rose plant.
  • They only require a warm and bright spot inside your house.
  • Direct sunlight is not required for these big leaf plants.
  • These plants do not require regular watering. But whatever season you are heading, you have to keep the soil moisturized and humid.

7. Olive Tree

Olive Tree

The olive tree is one of the excellent Aesthetic plants, unlike the other big leaf plants. It has a very bushy kind of look. After you plant this tree, you will see how this bushy plant is growing. Place this plant on any south-facing window. The only disadvantage is that you have to do the watering regularly. And you have to put the plant under the direct sun.

Why Selecting This Plant?

  • The olive plant’s leaves are small, but the overall look is bushy.
  • This plant has an excellent source of oxygen.
  • The olive plants absorb the toxins from the environment. And then improve the oxygen level of the air.
  • You can call them moderately low maintenance.

The big leaf tropical plants always have very artistic looks. But this is not like the other tropical plant. You can enjoy the looks of fruits. 

8. Ferns


Ferns are pretty attractive. When you like the moisturized and rainy ambiances, you have to be soft, and green moss and ferns are going to be your best pick. Ferns are my personal favorite. I plant these fresh-looking plants in a white stone plant pot. And this plant is giving me homely feelings. Even these plants do not require sunlight for whole days. The big leaf plants do not have a body or long branches. From the start, they look like very long leaves.

Why Selecting This Plant?

  • If you are living in a place which has a lack of natural lights and sun rays. Then these natural plants Aesthetic plants are lovely for your home.
  • Usually, you have to put the plant in a shady area.
  • Indirect sunlight is required for these plants.
  • These are low-maintenance plants, but the leaves are very precious. So do not strip the plant’s leaves.
  • The best look for ferns is to plant them in a nice plant pot and culture the moss.

9. Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

Zebra plant ancestors come from a native Atlantic forest. These are extraordinary types of big leaf plants, where you can see two kinds of color variations on their leaves. This is not enough. Along with the multiple types of leaves, you also can see a fantastic bunch of yellow flowers. From a distance, these yellow flowers look like fruits.

Why Selecting This Plant?

  • Are you moving to a place where you can see the bright sun upon your head? These Aesthetic plants are adding more colors to your house interior.
  • These big leaf plants do not require excessive watering. Excess water is rotting their roots.
  • You have to maintain 24% dry soil on top.
  • And you have to put the plant on the side of a bright window.

10. IVY Plant

IVY Plant

The indoor Aesthetic plants like Ivey plants are all famous for beautiful look. You also can see the attractive color variations on these big leaf plants and leaves. The leaf’s border colors are light green, and the inner core is dark green. The shape of the leaves is human palms. Minor bushy features give this plant a beautiful and friendly look.

Why Selecting This Plant?

  • These plants have all the indoor plant’s features.
  • You do not have to put these plants underneath the direct sunlight.
  • Frequent watering is not required for maintenance. When you see the top part of the soil is 25% dry, they only give the water.
  • A sunny window is perfect to put your ivy plant’s pot.

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Few Other Aesthetic Plants You Can Buy In 2023

Here are more aesthetic plants that you can purchase in 2023.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa plants have leaves that have unusual ridges and hole formations . These plants are also called Swiss Cheese plants due to having holes in their leaves similar to Swiss Cheese. So if you are decorating your home with an island theme this plant can be added to your decoration.

Monstera Deliciosa is a climbing plant that does well in bright or indirect light settings.

Majesty Palm Plant

Want a hint of color to your room decor especially if you love topical themes decor then add the Majestic Palm plant. This plant will also act a s an air-purifier for your room. The plant requires 4-6 hours of direct or indirect light in a day to survive.

Lemon Tree

If you love gardening and have patience and time for nurturing a tree with care regularly then you can select a lemon tree. Lemon trees will energize your room provided you have put in efforts to mist them with water regularly. These trees need direct sunlight so if your room has a direct source of sunlight choose this plant.

Since lemon trees need hard work people often opt out from purchasing these plants. But these plants when watered correctly and get abundant sunlight results in beautiful looking lemons that become the highlight of your room.

Bougainvillea Plant

Bougainvillea Plant is a tropical plant that grows in areas where the temperature is above 4 degree celsius. This plant can flower during three seasons in spring, summer and autumn. Hence why people opt for this plant as home decorations. 

These plants can be kept in smaller containers and as it starts growing you can shift the plant to a large container. These plants grow in regular soil but thrive in soil containing high level peat moss that can retain water.

Mogra Plant

Mogra plants are also known as Jasmine Sambac or Arabian Jasmine in different locations of the world. These plants require adequate sunlight to bloom but these plants can even thrive in partial sunlight. Hence its a perfect decoration for windowsill gardening.

If you have a balcony opt for hanging these potted plants to fill the air with the flowers’ beautiful smell.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Are The Outdoor Plants Which Have Big Leaves?

Here are the names of ten beautiful outdoor Aesthetic plants which have big leaves. And some of these plants also have very colorful flowers.

  1. Swiss Cheese Plant
  2. Giant Rhubarb 
  3. Siberian Bugloss
  4. Dumbcane 
  5. Umbrella Plant
  6. Hostas
  7. Colewort
  8. Snake Plant
  9. Swiss Chard
  10. Ginger Lily

Q2. What Are The Names Of The Most Beautiful House Plants?

Let’s have a look at the ten most beautiful Aesthetic plants, which add a very artistic look to your entire porch and interior.

  1. Red Aglaonema
  2. Nerve Plants
  3. Croton
  4. Calathea
  5. Silver Vase Plant
  6. Prayer Plant
  7. Adenium
  8. Ti Plant
  9. Anthurium
  10. African Mask Plant

Q3. Which Plants Are Best For Your Bedroom?

When you are selecting any Aesthetic plants for your bedroom, you have to pick the maximum oxygen supplying plants. This is because our body cells are growing during sleep, and this time oxygen supply is essential.

Here are the names of ten perfect indoor bedroom plants for you.

  1. English Ivy
  2. Aloe Vera
  3. Golden Pothos
  4. Spider Plant
  5. Rubber Plant
  6. Snake Plant
  7. Jade plant
  8. Gardenia
  9. Peace Lily
  10. Areca Palm

Wrapping Up:

These aesthetically eye-pleasing Aesthetic plants with a lovely look to your interior. And not only that, most of these plants are improving the oxygen supply in the atmosphere. When you are picking the plants, you have to know which plants supply the maximum oxygen in the atmosphere. Not only that, you will get fresh air and a nice look without doing any hard work.

So which plant are you selecting? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections. And to see this type of informative content, keep visiting our blog.

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