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A Guide To Plants And How They Can Be Planted

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Guide To Plants

Planting vegetables has benefits that we are all aware of. But, do you know that growing specific vegetables side by side could make them more beneficial.

This means that not only will the vegetables get all the nutrients they need, but the soil will as well. If you haven’t heard of companion planting, well, this is what this article will be focused on.

In this article, we will discuss what companion planting is, which vegetables you can plant together and what mistakes you can avoid while doing so. The first thing we will discuss is what companion planting is.

What To Know About Companion Planting?

What To Know About Companion Planting

The word companion means that two or more things are brought together. This also stands for vegetables as well.

The way that we can understand it is by explaining it very simply. Companion planting means getting two or more plants and planting them together.

You may think, why is this done. Well, the answer to that is because they will bring the best out of each other and make themselves more nutritious. Each plant has its own characteristic, nutrients. They also have their own way of growing and avoiding specific pests.

This is why it is very important to learn and know which plants are compatible to be planted together. Let’s talk about what you can benefit from doing this and what you can avoid while companion planting.

Like we mentioned before, each vegetable has its own process of growing and avoiding pests. Each plant, since it has a different build and nutrients, tends to attract different things and reject others.

There are plants that grow higher than others, so they will make a shade for plants that don’t want as much sun. Other plants have a distinct smell, so they will repel insects, while some have a scent that will attract insects that will contribute to adding more benefits to the plants.

There are some plants that provide health benefits to other plants near them. Some of them will add nutrients to the soil, making each plant absorb them.

Just like some plants can benefit each other, there are some that can actually make things worse. There are some that might get the same disease, so they should not be planted near each other.

While it may seem like planting is an easy task, there are some obstacles to jump over. It is highly recommended for everyone who wants to plant vegetables to learn about the things we have mentioned so far. But, if you want to know more now, follow the link https://www.thespruce.com/companion-planting-with-chart-5025124.

Combinations You Need To Know When Companion Planting

Combinations You Need To Know When Companion Planting

If you are not an experienced gardener, you may not see the importance of knowing what combinations are beneficial and what is not. Not only will that make the garden you are taking care of a view to look at, but you will get the most out of those plants.

Even some studies have proven the benefits from certain plants, and gardeners have continued to use the combinations that they have mentioned.

Let’s take a look at some of those combinations so you can get a bigger picture of what we have explained so far.

The first combination we are going to mention is planting roses and garlic next to each other. This may seem like an odd combination, but it has its purpose. It has shown that garlic can contribute to repelling pests that attack roses.

The second combination that is worth mentioning is tomatoes and cabbage. There are larvae that can destroy the cabbage. It has been shown that tomatoes can actually make those larvae avoid cabbages.

Another great combination is planting radishes and spinach next to each other. There are insects known as leafminers, and there are pretty popular when it comes to destroying radishes. And that is why planting spinach between radishes will make the leafminers stay away.

The combinations we mentioned are only a few out of so many. You’d be surprised at how many varieties are great when it comes to companion planting. There are combinations that may seem very odd, but they go well together. If you want to know more about them, check this page out.

What Plant Are Many People Interested In Companion Planting?

In the U.S., many people have been quite fond of arugula. You may have seen it, but it is a type of green salad if you haven’t. It is full of nutrients. And to no surprise, many people incorporate it into their everyday meals.

But this vegetable, like many others, has to be planted with specific plants to be able to get the most nutrients possible.

A good combination for it is plants that are very aromatic. This is because they can repel pests easily. The aroma that other plants have can make these pests confused and weaker.

An excellent combination for arugula is beans. This is because beans have health benefits and add nutrients to the soil.

It is not recommended to plant arugula only by itself. Since it is rich in nutrients, it can make the soil monotone. That means that there would be nothing for the arugula to absorb from the soil. This is why understanding if arugula companion plants are good or not is crucial.


If you want to maximize the usage of your soil, incorporating companion planting is an excellent way of doing it. This can bring the efficiency of the plants and ground to the maximum.

Since each plant has its own nutrients and way of growing, learning about it can benefit you the most in the end. Making a wrong combination can only destroy your plants and make your soil bland.

This is the only way to minimize pest infestations, getting your plants unhealthy or making your soil unable to plant on. Each combination has its own benefit, but you need to choose which one will work the best for you.

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