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Top 6 Advantages of Modular UPS Systems

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Modular UPS Systems

Modular Universal Power Supply (UPS) systems are becoming more popular among big enterprises that need a trustworthy power source for their complex infrastructure. The Modular UPS system is responsible for providing you with full power protection.

Introduction to Modular UPS System

Introduction to Modular UPS System

In a modular UPS system, different individual modules are linked and perform their work together. UPS modules consist of an inverter, battery converter, rectifier, back-feed protection, and a static bypass switch.

Modular UPS systems are commonly based on a rack-type enclosure having battery cabins under it or in a separate rack, including hot-swapped modules located one above another, stacked alongside and on top of one another.

Top Modular UPS manufacturers worldwide offer easily configurable quality modular UPS systems for businesses. For instance, if you are a businessman and need power security in your company office, you can get Modular UPS at Eaton and ask them to configure this according to your needs, around your requirements. A modular UPS can be a good upgrade not only in your server room but also in your important data center.

Key Advantages of Modular UPS System For Enterprises

1. Risk Sharing

In the case of using monolithic UPS for your server room or data center, having highly important records, there is always the risk of big power failure. On the other hand, modular UPS systems share this type of risk by removing individual failure points. In short, in modular UPS systems, if one part fails, you can easily remove and replace it with another one without damaging the entire system.

2. Redundancy Benefit

In case of a module failure, a redundant module located in the rack can take action of power security, unlike standalone universal power supply systems. If there is an early warning system then, one or two modules from them can be classified as redundant to deal with another module failure.

In this situation, engineers can replace the faulty power module with another correct one.  Thus power backup time can be reduced with a satisfactory warning system.

3. Easy Service and Repairing

Modular UPS are easy to use as well as to do service. These power modules are hot-swappable, that’s why engineers can test, replace or remove them even while the power system is running. So, there is no need to close all the systems to service or repair a specific faulty module at all.

4. Minimum Space Usage

A Modular UPS system is designed not only for big enterprises but also for medium and small businesses. They are located in racks and have a quite smaller footprint in comparison with a stand-alone universal power supply system. Modulars use limited space, which is a major advantage for all levels of enterprises.

5. Flexibility – The Key to Growth

It is quite easy to add extra capacity to your modular UPS power system. If your company needs more power then you can add additional modules to your power supply system, without any trouble. It means you can easily increase power capacity whenever you need it without worrying about cabling expenses and arrange extra space.

6. Limited and Reasonable Cost

Modular UPS systems cost low for all levels of enterprises. Modern power modular systems let the user turn on/off and hibernate it in case of lower power requirements. Thus power modular reduces overall power usage which makes it possible that modular is working efficiently and perfectly.

Final Words

Modular UPS systems are very important for all types and levels of enterprises. If your business has a critical data center or server room where staff members manage workplace operations then you need a modular UPS system from a reliable vendor. It has a big importance in securing your power system from failure and big data damages.

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