6 Book Marketing Steps to Take BEFORE You Publish

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When you plan to do business, marketing comes handy. However, thinking to prosper in the competitive environment of a digital landscape without a proper marketing strategy is like taking candy from a baby. Therefore, marketing becomes extremely imperative when doing business; it helps to increase traffic, retain current customers, enhance online visibility, improve site rankings and above all maximizes your chances for optimum success. Though marketing a book of your own is quite challenging, it is entirely different from promoting a brand. It is necessary for a book writer to know the significant tricks to market a book before publishing.  You need to be more innovative, strategic and unique to your plans and ideas. To guide you through some best marketing plans here is a list of tactics you should consider before promoting your book.

Make Use of Social Media

Social MediaYou need to make the most out of every social media platform if you want to gather the attention of a huge percentage of prospective readers. Social media is a rich marketing platform that gives an opportunity to its users to promote their products over highly populated social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It entertains a diversified group of audiences, which makes the platform most suitable choice for increasing the readership of your book. You can interact with your readers through multiple sites and by consistently posting news, interesting updates and post about your book, you can build a strong social circle.

Increase Your Web Presence

Before going for publishing your book, you need to grow your web presence that will not only add credibility but will help you gather more customer from all across the globe. A robust web presence increases your reach and probability of conversions. It demonstrates you as a reputable, reliable and professional entity. Apart from creating profiles on social media sites, you should go for producing a fully functional website or a mobile app that can provide your clients a better medium to establish connections with you for grabbing latest details about your books and to even buy them as well.

Build Your Fan Base

Fan base

Incorporate such tactics into your marketing strategy that can help you entertain a huge group of followers and fans. You need to grow your fan circle before publishing ad releasing your book. The followers gathered through online marketing aid to stabilize the progress and help to optimize sales. To strengthen and enhance your fan base you can write blog posts, Google campaign, and Facebook campaign, optimize your post with relevant keywords, and engage readers through hosting guest blogs.

Update Author Blog Post Or Website

One of the most important things to do just before publishing your book is to update your profiles. When a writer plans to publish, he has to invite the readers, reviewers, editors, media groups and other people. Therefore, a weak and unimpressive profile will hinder your chances of success. You readers must know your past success, number of books you have published so far, releasing date of your upcoming books, prices and every bit of related details. Add social links in your profile too, it will add credibility and authenticity. Apart from this, links to purchase your book, Author bio, a detailed book section, updated cover, related images all such things should be improvised before the final work.

Maximize Your Book’s SEO

When aiming to grow clientele over web one should consider optimizing their post and book descriptions according to the standards of search engine optimization. SEO plays a huge role in bringing products in top searches. It helps us implement such measure that can increase our online visibility while making us able to capture a wider audience.

Upload Book to


It is recommended to upload your books five days before your release. It will give you much time to upload your next task, as the platform only provide a 30-day’s time to be on the Hot release list. You can send copies to your friends and family to ask for reviews and remarks.

Summing up

You should consider the significant tactics listed above before publishing your book. Moreover, do not forget to add citation at the end of your book. To ease your citing task you can seek help from ieee citation generator, it is a great tool to cite sources without any hassle.

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