Many companies, including legal firms, find that Facebook advertising is an effective tool for marketing.

The finest Facebook companies for attorneys differ significantly from the ordinary ones in their capacity to develop better targeting.

The social media king right now is Facebook. Your business may utilize Facebook to create a funnel for visitors, leads, and conversions as part of a planned marketing effort.

However, there are a number of tactics to apply to Facebook advertisements, including mobile optimization, lookalike audiences, and geotargeting for law firms to gain from this platform.

This article will help you understand all these techniques and methods to enhance and expand your market as a criminal defense lawyer.

Marketing Tactics With Facebook

Marketing Tactics With Facebook

Facebook ads provide you the remarkable opportunity to narrow your target audience down with the option to run advertisements based on demographics and interests.

Keep reading to learn more about Criminal Defense Marketing on Facebook—

1. Create A Business Page

The organic growth of your brand's visibility will be assisted by having a dedicated Facebook page, which may also inspire reviews.

To maximize your chances of success, make sure your Facebook page is optimized according to Facebook's best practices.

This includes utilizing top-notch photos, videos, and GIFs (animated images). Although there are numerous methods to reach potential clients for your legal practice, video is the most effective way to do it.

74% of respondents to Databox's survey said that videos were more successful in generating leads. This doesn't imply that you should ignore all other content marketing tactics; instead, give the ones with the best returns priority.

2. Narrow Down Your Audience Target

With so many targeting possibilities in Facebook advertising for legal firms, you may reach the people most inclined to work with you.

Facebook will recommend segments for you to target as soon as you begin typing. However, the effectiveness of your campaign will depend on how well it connects with viewers.

Install Facebook Pixel using the Business Manager on your Facebook Business page. Once enabled, Facebook starts keeping track of who visits your page on Facebook.

This information enables you to target those users again in the future. You may cast a wide net by just selecting people based on their demographics or location.

Many legal firms are interested to learn more about Facebook advertisements and geofencing. At the same time, you cannot create a polygon on Facebook around a particular structure. For example, you may target a 1-mile radius around any location.

This is a clever technique to sell your legal company since it allows you to combine demographic and geographical targeting.

3. Maintain A Content Schedule For Ads

A written calendar of your Facebook posting schedule is known as a content calendar. The key information to include in your calendar is as follows:

  • Is the post only textual, or does it include images?
  • If the answer is yes, what kind of visual (movie, graphic, meme, GIF, etc.) will you produce?
  • When does the article go live?

Planning ahead improves the overall flow of a law firm’s marketing strategy. However, planners should make room for impromptu articles about recent events and pertinent news on the field of criminal cases. The advice of experts is to use a social media planner to manage your Facebook content calendar.

If you have something to say or vital news to convey, keep your Facebook schedule consistent with postings. Using a social media scheduling tool, you may manage several Facebook (and other social) profiles from a single platform.

4. Track Ad Performance

After you've written a number of posts for your Facebook marketing for attorneys campaign, use Facebook's insights to monitor your progress.

Metrics like post engagement (reactions, comments, and clicks), cost per click, and the overall amount spent on the advertising campaign may all be tracked.

Pay close attention to the KPIs listed below to determine the campaign's overall performance. You want to be sure that your sponsored Facebook ad campaign is providing a solid return on your investment.

Typically, we advise segmenting your analytics data according to engagement and conversion KPIs. You can't say you "don't know what's going on" or "don't know how much I've spent."

5. Include Responsive CTAs

If you currently use Facebook, you are aware of its benefits to growing your company's customer base. Thanks to the new call-to-action button, you now have a brand-new option to interact with each of these various audiences.

Add a link to your criminal defense law firm website to enable your clients for direct contact and consultation.

Here are some tactics you must keep in mind when forming your action words—

  • People need to be persuaded to click on your advertisement. Consider appearing like a motivating speaker in your advertising as one strategy.
  • Focusing on ways that individuals may complete a common task more quickly or effectively is another approach to utilizing action words.
  • Avoid being wacky and mysterious; readers will be able to deduce your meaning from the context.

The "Title" phrase in blue at the top of your Facebook advertisement serves as the Call-to-Action (CTA). The key to getting people to click on your advertisement is this section. A strong image will grab users' attention, but it's the call to action (CTA) will convince them to stop and click.

Some Additional Tips For Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

The tips provided below can be your quick solution for a long-term client acquisition plan using Facebook’s platform—

  • You should switch up your advertisements every week to keep your audience engaged.
  • Don't include your firm’s logo in the advertisement since, most likely, no one will recognize it.
  • Add a graphic that will cause your audience to pause their scrolling and take a closer look.
  • You have the chance to seize these leads because Facebook has a massive mass tort advertising market.
  • Either collaborate with the mass tort marketers or seek their advice. Make sure to avoid including pictures with excessive blood or violence.
  • Facebook's regulations can be broken by using aggressive pictures, which might lead to the suspension of your advertisements.

Start Your Campaign Right Away!

With all the tips above, we hope your Facebook marketing campaign as a criminal defense lawyer runs successfully.

The current digital age demands modernization in marketing techniques in every field of occupation. However, it is always advisable that as a public service provider, you must also pay attention to the traditional methods.

Keep in touch with social activists and journalists for continued business and digital and social media marketing. 

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