5 reasons why you should trek to triund with friends

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Fed up with your daily job? Want a new adventure in your life? Trekking can be the answer to all your question and problems. Triund trek is Dharamshala’s most popular trekking trail. Triund trek captures the mesmerizing view of the Dhauladhar range.

The Triund trek ends around 10 kilometers away from the nearest city of Mcleodganj. From all over the world including Indians visit trek on this trail all around the year. You can easily reach Mcleodganj by various bus routes and start your trek from there. You can also book your bus ride at cheaper rates using free charge bus offers.

There is a definite question arising every time about this ride, what makes Triund trek so special? Here are top 5 reasons why you should trek to Triund with your friends:

Propinquity to Bir and Mcleodganj :

Every traveler wants to explore some new places and never settles for one. Therefore, if you are a traveler from the heart and want to explore the whereabouts then Bir and Mcleodganj would be the perfect place. Mcleodganj is the heart of many cultures where you can do some sight-seeing, explore new cuisines and also make some new friends. Mcleodganj is always busy by travelers from all around the world and in all seasons. If your adventurous spirit is not satisfied after the trek of triund then you can do some more adventure sports like paragliding in Bir. Only a few hours away, Bir is easily approachable. You can easily find hotels in Mcleodganj of great comfort and facilities. There is a hotel at top in Bhagsu named as Mcleod Backpackers, which is famous for its view that will surely give you a calm and relaxing sensation.

Comfortably Accessible :

The most fascinating thing about this trek is that it is easy yet beautiful and any first timer can complete it with just a little bit of effort. Although the Triund trek is total of 4 hours few people manage to cover it in 3 hours only. This is because of the easy and not too wearying path of the trek. For those who are not sure and are not so energetic, they can save their energy for the main trek. For doing this you will have to book a cab from Mcleodganj to Gallu Devi Temple, from where the main trek will starts. You can also divide the whole trek into different parts and rest in between and in order to that there are many refreshments stalls on the way.

Star Gazing :

Lying under the canvas of stars, twinkles and shines. Such luring feelings and such soul soothing moments are so dear. After you have completed your trek and you reach the height of triund then you can stay and spend your night at the top. At the top, you will not be alone as there will be many people giving you company and especially you will find many foreigners. You can easily rent a tent at Rs. 500 only if you decide to halt at the top in the night. This late night camp will give you a breathtaking and an unforgettable experience of the sunrise and sunset along with the clear sky in the night full of stars. However, if you want to make the trek even more worthy then you can visit Kareri Lake in the morning as that one place might add some dearly advances to that photo album you are going to store.

Bhagsu Waterfalls are a must visit :

From Triund there are many trails of returning and the most famous one is of the Shiva Café & Bhagsu Waterfalls. This trail is famous among tourists from India and among foreigners as well. Hiking down alongside the cold, flowing and clear water will surely give the trek a relaxing closure. If you want to stay at The Gallu Devi Temple area and start your trek next day then you can rent a tent there also. If you do not want to rent a tent then there are guesthouses in that area which are run by the Forest Department. These guesthouses can be booked directly on the spot or from Dharamshala. Anyway, if you are living in the shards, it is required to be a related one. Drop down here and spend the days in glistens of the environment.

The view which sprung through the beauty :

At every corner and turn, the Triund trek delivers the panoramic view of the amazing scenery including Dhauladhar range. As soon as you reach the top of the Triund or as soon as your trek is over you will notice the company of clouds and the grassy meadows. The view you will get at the top will be spectacular and will surely give you an unforgettable experience. Do not forget to carry your camera or else you will regret your whole life of missing the opportunity to capture those views. In a nutshell, when you are on an adventure, you are traveling into an album which is going to leave you with numerous memories. Explore and capture the little adventures so you get you relish them for life and beyond.

Tips for the Triund trek:

  • You should take a guide along with you on the trek or someone who has been on this trek before will also do.
  • The Gallu Devi Temple area has few guesthouses where you can rest before starting the trek.
  • If you do not want to rest in a tent then you can book various guesthouses run by The Forest Department.

If you wish to live some moments in that soothing atmosphere of mountains, meadows, and valleys, pack your baggage and plan it to the hills. Triund Trek is popularly known as one of the most interesting and adventurous treks in India. For the ones living between challenges, such an experience would definitely be encouraging and aspiring. Live in the dreams and live for the escapes that call for travels inside those wandering thoughts.

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