The 9 Best Vacation Spots of 2018

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Vacation Spots

You’re going on vacation! Start planning to pack your bags and round up the family. But where will you go?

There are so many amazing places in the world that it’s often tough to pinpoint one to travel to.

Different locations pose different positives and negatives. It’s important to choose a place that

will suit you and your family’s needs.

When you’re running over the best vacation spots, you don’t want to start at “A” and work your way down through “Z.” You want to have a few hot spots laid out for you before so you can cut right to the chase.

Here are those spots in 2018.

Best Vacation Spots of 2018 :

Different families warrant different vacation searches. Whether you’re looking to sail across the world or take a road trip within the United States, we’ve got a comprehensive list of the best spots to vacation this year. If you’re interested in making a booking at one of the locations, try doing it through Ingenia Holidays.

1. The Cape Verde Islands :

Whether you are looking to take a trip to Africa, or it’s winter and you want to get out of dodge, the Cape Verde Islands are packed with excitement. They come in at the top of our list for a variety of reasons that we’ll cover below.

Sunny year-round, packed with 10 islands, and more accessible than you’d think, these islands were recently populated (uninhabited until around the 15th century) and have given birth to a vibrant culture.

The islands have their own unique music which has developed in the reflection of the beautiful scenery. Additionally, it is warm all year round, a close flight from all Africa has to offer, and surrounded by volcanoes.

2. Stateline :

Nevada is home to a whole host of natural wonders, but Stateline is quickly becoming a destination spot in the United States. Its appeal comes primarily from its amazing ski resort, but natural beauty goes beyond the ability to cut through powder.

Set upon the landscape of a beautiful blue lake and lush, rolling hills, Stateline does justice to the beauty of both of the states it sits between. Lying on the border of Nevada and California, Stateline has its name for a reason.

Current rates show that you can book a round-trip flight within the United States for under 300 dollars. With activities available for the whole family in both the winter and summer, Stateline is a great place to get a blend of city-living and natural beauty.

3. Puebla, Mexico :

Puebla’s mountainous beauty is located just 100 miles from Mexico City. Mexico’s fourth-largest city, Puebla is a historical site with numerous opportunities to explore colonial architecture, visit museums, and tasty Mexican food that found its origins there.

In fact, the food is a huge pull for Puebla. The chalupa and mole were actually created there. On your way out of the restaurant, take a stroll and take in the city’s beautiful atmosphere.

4. Spain :

A classic tourist destination, Spain is one of the loveliest places to visit in Europe. There are almost too many beautiful details to mention, making any trip full of amazing architecture and history.

Spanish is one of the most popular foreign languages spoken by Americans, so you’re likely to have a family member or two who can translate if you can’t. Whether you’re backpacking or looking to relax, there’s something to do for any traveler.

5. Iceland :

Easy to navigate and explore, Iceland is a perfect venture for an exploratory family trip.

Volcanoes, ice fields, and endless local wildlife will fill your trip with excitement.

The wildlife itself is almost enough to warrant a trip. There is a large population of whales in Iceland making whale watching a must. In any case, relaxing or otherwise, your family will surely be rejuvenated after visiting this beautiful country.

6. Nagano, Japan :

Home to castles, amazing ski slopes, and delicious cuisine, Nagano is a hot destination in 2018.

Nagano is boosting its image for the 2020 Olympics, making it an ever-accommodating location for tourists.

It is quite a hike to Japan, but once you get there you’ll be able to take trips around and visit the country’s beautiful sites. Many of the hotels in the area blend English speaking customer service with a beautiful sense of the Japanese style and aesthetic.

7. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia :

If you’re looking to road trip or fly to an area in the United States, an expedition to the East Coast may be your best bet. The destination aside, a drive through the country allows one to make pit stops at the nation’s natural landmarks.

Harpers Ferry is a picturesque town framed by mountains and rivers. The famous Blue Ridge Mountains are constantly in your rearview mirror, tempting you to turn around and take a hike in the mountains.

8. Key West, Florida :

Key West has been a hot spot for tourists for decades. There is a reason for that.

The laid-back culture and atmosphere is a perfect setting for families and couples alike to take a much-needed trip and relax for a while. Endless possibilities for day trips are at your disposal, but if you’re more inclined to relax you can take a stroll down one of the historic streets and take in the sites.

Key West is for you if you’re one to get into a good ghost story as well. Before it gained popularity, the city was host to thousands of ghost stories which are still told by guides to this day.

9. Eau Claire, Wisconsin :

You wouldn’t think that a town in Wisconsin would make our list, but there is some good stuff happening in the Midwest. Home to numerous large-scale music festivals and cultural developments, Eau Claire is home to some of the most welcoming people in the world.

Book a spot at one of the many, new local hotels during one of the summer festivals. You’ll be engaged with a lively nightlife, great music, and great people.

Keep Up-to-Date on The Newest Vacation Spots :

Some of the best vacation spots emerge out of nowhere. Whether they are exciting because of cultural movements, large events, or recent recognition, the best locations to vacation are always popping up for numerous reasons.

Keep up to date on the latest in vacation spots to ensure that you have the best trip possible.



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