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2 Stage Vs. 3 Stage Snow Blower

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2 Stage Vs. 3 Stage Snow Blower

Winters are the best time for fun activities or games. Generally, most of these activities in Western countries are snow-based. However, enjoyment in the wintertime is reasonable unless piles of snow block your way on the road.

If you see heaps of snow on a fine winter morning near the exit of your home, it is pretty natural to get concerned. It is because you have got a lot of problems to deal with. This is the situation where you will understand the importance of 2 stage or 3 stage snow blower

For understanding the critical differences between these two, it is crucial to learn the features of each. Basically, a snowblower can remove snow from a particular area such as roadway, sidewalk, driveway, etc. 

This guide will speak about the differences between 2 stages and 3 stage snow blower. Read this article from end to end to know that which one is the most suitable for you.

What Are 2 Stage Snow Blower And 3 Stage Snow Blower

Snowblowers gained immense importance after their invention in 1844 owing to noticeable changes in climate and weather. If you are from a snowy province, you will realize the importance of a snowblower more than anyone else. 

However, when you move forward towards purchasing a snowblower of your own, you confine yourself within the properties of 2 stage and 3 stage snow blowers. For high-quality performance, there has always been a tie between 3 stage and 2 stage snow blower. 

Although they have some distinctive features, both of them are far better than the single-stage one. Therefore, let us move on to the description of both types in the below section. 

Description Of 2 Stage Snow Blower

Description Of 2 Stage Snow Blower

The 2 stage type is more convenient and robust than the other categories. It is characterized by two chambers underneath. An auger occupies one section, which primarily draws the snow. The other chamber carries an impeller that thrusts out the snow that the auger draws. 

If your driveaway is wide enough or the roadway beside your home is broad, then we would recommend you to go for a stage 2 snow blower.

For beginners, this blower provides extreme versatility that makes you enable using 2 stage blower at ease. It is equipped with two engine-driven wheels that facilitate its easy movement from one place to another. As a result, you can scoop a massive amount of snow entering into depth. 

Description Of 3 Stage Snow Blower

Description Of 3 Stage Snow Blower

The 3 stage snow blower is incredibly helpful for crushing a gigantic chunk of snow. It is especially helpful in areas where the 2 stage blower cannot penetrate hard snow deposits. The snow slabs sometimes become too hard to draw or discharge away, and they turn into ice. 

It is indeed a terrible situation, especially when you are heading out to somewhere hurriedly. Needless to say that the accelerator is the main unique feature here. The high-speed accelerator quickens the mechanism of hard snow collection. It constitutes an impeller, an accelerator, and an auger in terms of operational design.

With two augers at each of the three stages., the 3rd stage models make the machine move the thickest snow in extreme weather conditions. The three drills drive the snow chunks into the device, while the blower makes the ground surface free from snow entirely. 

Example Of 2 Stage Snow Blower


The manufacturer has designed this product for the homeowners who require an effective snow blower for clearing porch, paths, driveways, lawns, etc., from chunks of accumulated snow. It works considerably well and performs efficiently whatever the surface type is. 

In this regard, all credit goes to the adaptable multiway skid toes. To be very precise, this model is perfect for occasional use in almost all snow conditions. In addition, the high-performing throwing capacity and movable height make it different in the market. 

Moreover, some additional features include an electric starter, LED headlights, stout handle grips. All these enable it to perform equally in different weather conditions

Models Of 3 Stage Snow Blower

  • CUB CADET 3x 3 Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Its inception dates backs to the 1970s, although it is one of the most advanced types. It is the industry-exclusive invention of the manufacturing brand Cub Cadet. Its 3 stage technology cuts through the hardpacked ice and snow unlike any other machine available in the market. 

The all-new 3x high-speed induction accelerator drags harsh snow through the internal system, leading to a smooth motion. What’s best? – No backups, no spillover, and no ride-ups. The maximum snow throwing control with 2.5 turn chute rotation (OHV crank), 200 degrees. 

2 Stage Or 3 Stage – Which One Is Best?- The Differences Explained

Difference Between 2 Stage Or 3 Stage Snow Blower

Now that we have understood the functions of 2 stage and 3 stage snow blower let’s proceed towards the differences. The discussion would also extract the answer that which snow blower is best for you. 

The Differences 

  • 2 stage is ideal for domestic use predominantly. 3 stage is perfect for commercial use. 
  • Even if you are not a trained mechanic, you can maintain a 2 stage blower. To deal with a 3 stage snow blower, assistance from a professional mechanic is a must. 
  • The three-staged models come with a 24-inch sturdy design, whereas the 3 stage ones are 30 inches. These size differences make the former a winner concerning its storage. 
  • The advanced 3 stage is 50% more swift compared to the two-stage model. With three drills, you can clear the roadway in much less time than 2 stage blower.  

From the specific points above, it is evident that both types of snow blowers are market leaders now. You cannot neglect anyone due to their unique usefulnesses. Nonetheless, if you want to clear your porch, driveway, or lawn, then 2 stage is the best for you. 

In addition, if you are in charge of maintaining roads, we would advise you to choose the 3 stage snow blower. It would give you ultimate efficacy, force, speed, and power. 

The Final Thoughts

To answer which among the two is better, a straight-cut answer for a specific one could be misleading. It depends on your budget, the intensity of snow, technology specifications, and others.

However, to conclude, both 2 stage and 3 stage snow blower are helpful in individual cases. We have answered this question depending on the needs of the customer and the mechanism of the machine mainly.

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