6 Winter Fashion Trends

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Winter Fashion

If you want to stay up to date on the latest fashions for this winter, this is a great place to start! Some of the best and most promising winter fashion trends are on this list, including iconic looks and celebrity influences. Take some time to get savvy on the latest fashion trends!

 Here The 6 latest Winter Fashion Trends: 

Sweater Dresses

Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses are coming back! Why choose a separate sweater and wintery skirt when you can get a unified look with your favorite sweater dress? These dresses strike a powerful silhouette and will nicely accentuate your best features! Sweater dresses are usually knit or use some sort of thin, wool fabric to achieve the look and warmth required.

Expect a long skirt (reaching to your ankles in most cases), long sleeves, and even a turtleneck! Pair this look with a puffer jacket or some beige heeled boots to best effect!

Leather Coats

Leather Coats

Leather coats fell out of style for a while, but they’re back now in a big way. Whether you’re rocking a long brown PU leather coat or a shorter black coat, leather is in this season. Leather makes for a warm coat, but it also provides great texture to any outfit. Longer coats can be tied to make a dress!

Make sure to pair your leather coats with neutral or coordinating colors. Slimline pants (though not something as form-fitting as leggings) work well with this style!

Puffer Jackets

Puffer Jackets

The puffer jacket is a striking statement that helps protect you from the cold in the best way. This timeless classic comes in a variety of colors and styles, including fashion-forward runway looks! Choose a nonstandard puffer jacket if you’re looking to make a statement, including different prints, different lengths, and even some with additional fur! You can’t go wrong with a puffer jacket, whether you’re tackling the cold or making a statement on High Street!

70’s Influences

This year, the 70’s influences are back in style in a big way. This means a few different things, so here’s the framework:

  • Colors: Red, brown, orange, olive
  • Patterns: Plaid, argyle, floral, and more!

Pairing these combinations with subtle fur influences or flared pants will call back to fashion’s favorite decade. With a wealth of resources for looking up iconic styles from the 70s, you’ll never run out of options! Be sure to avoid some of the more eccentric 70s hairstyles, however – those haven’t quite made it back in style yet.

Maxi Coats

Maxi Coats

While just about any of the coats on our list so far could be maxi coats, it’s important to make a distinction. A maxi coat is an extremely long coat in any style or color – and they’re back this year in a big way. From the long leather coats seen in New York to more subtle quilted maxi coats that celebrities have worn, there’s a maxi coat style for everyone.

Put a maxi coat over your favorite winter outfit and pair it with some fashionable slouch boots. A maxi coat is the perfect warm accessory for those winter months, particularly when you want to be fashion-forward!

Layer with Hoodies

Layer with Hoodies

Finally, layered looks are a classic. They aren’t going away any time soon! Layer a neutral hoodie over a t-shirt and finish off the look with a leather coat to get the most out of it. A zip-up hoodie is best for this use, but it isn’t the only option!

You can choose hoodies that are different colors, of course. You can even choose a hoodie with your favorite logo on it! Offering the best hoodies for women, My Pride Apparel has a sizable collection of hoodies. Remember that zip-up hoodies are generally more form-fitting, whereas pullover hoodies are bulkier. However, you can layer with either type of hoodie. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your favorite comfortable winterwear! You’re sure to look perfectly in-style no matter what.


Winter fashion trends may change from year to year, but there are some classics that you can always rely on. Some of the styles on this list will persist, while others may change when next winter comes around. Rest assured that you’ll be able to reuse and repurpose your accessories and clothes from this year when the time comes to switch it up! Be unique and represent your personality while following these winter fashion trends.

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