Why Singapore is so child friendly

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Why Singapore is so child friendly

Being one of Asia’s most successful city-states, it’s no wonder that families like to visit the island of Singapore. Whether you’re traveling there for a vacation or you’re thinking about a long-term move, it’s an ideal location. But what you might not know is that Singapore is actually one of the world’s most child-friendly cities. With everything from safe surroundings to the top educational options on offer, there are many reasons to consider this a travel location that’s great to go to with kids.

Staying safe :

Singapore is one of the world’s safest cities. Crime rates are low, and even quite low-level offences – such as dropping litter – are dealt with in a tough manner, and as a result, citizens tend to stay on the right side of the law. The language is also key to ensuring your child’s safety when in this popular city state. With English widely spoken, your child will always be able to ask for directions if they get lost. All in all, there’s very little to worry about when it comes to safety issues.

Things to do :

Despite it being a small place in terms of geography, the large population means there’s lots to keep kids occupied in Singapore. If your children are into theme parks, for example, Universal Studios Singapore offers all sorts of film-related fun to enjoy at the weekends or during the holidays. And with more relaxed locations like the Singapore Zoo or the Singapore Botanical Gardens on offer, you’ll never be short of things to do.

Schools and colleges :

If you’re moving to Singapore to live and you’re taking your family with you, you’ve got some big decisions to make. Some people, for example, decide to enroll their children in the local state school system. Other families instead opt for local international schools in Singapore, as they offer elements of Western curriculums to provide your child with some educational continuity. Whatever you choose, it’s important that your child feels at home in the school they are going to attend – so a visit in advance is essential.

Where to live :

There are plenty of friendly neighborhoods in Singapore where you and your family can live, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. Don’t be fooled by Singapore’s popular image as an entirely high-rise, densely populated environment: while there are plenty of urban living options, of course, there are also some more relaxed, quiet and suburban areas. Areas such as Tanglin, which has lots of embassies from around the world, are ideal if you want to opt for somewhere with a touch of class, while there are lots of shopping options and cafes to keep the kids occupied in Holland Village.

If you’re thinking of spending time in Singapore with your kids either on vacation or for a longer period, you’re all in for a real treat. From top things to do like the Singapore Zoo to wonderful areas to live, neither you nor the children will be bored in this fascinating and busy city-state.

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