Storage space shortage is a real dilemma businesses face, especially once yours starts to grow.

The higher your inventory levels, the greater the need for more storage. This also presents the challenge of finding the best business storage solutions possible. 

Having ample storage is required to keep daily operations smooth and in order. Fortunately, today, some companies offer business storage in Calgary for business owners to rent monthly or yearly.

This is the most viable choice for businesses that don’t have enough capacity to expand in their current location for storage-related purposes.

Here Are Five Ideas For Better Business Storage In Calgary

With that said, here are some tips worth going through to start.

1. Find The Correct Storage Size

Correct Business Storage Size

Determining the correct storage size in getting business storage is essential to prevent your items from getting cramped. To do this, you can calculate the space needed depending on what you want to store.

Below are some ways you can do to calculate the area:

  • Stack all your items and multiply their length and width, or add their length and width individually, to get the total square foot measurement.
  • With your stacked items, multiply their length, width, and height, or add these individually, to get the total cubic foot measurement.

If you want to know the measurements, use an online calculator or ask the staff for their storage unit size guide. This’ll give you a clear idea of which size to fit the items you need to store.

Likewise, it would be best if you considered what features to look for. The whole premise would be for you to find the best one, with the right size you need and features that guarantee safety and security, but also with a competitive price. To do this, it’s best to go through all your options and compare thoroughly to ascertain you’re making the best choice.

2. Factor In The Security Of All Your Products

No business storage room, warehouse, or facility will be adequate if security isn’t assured. The last thing you’d want is to have repetitive incidents of theft because security is lax and isn’t guaranteed. Remember that lost products equate to losses, as those could’ve otherwise been products that could’ve been sold. 

It’s ideal for equipping your storage space with a 24-hour surveillance system or security guards if the latter is the norm where you’re from. This applies to in-house storage systems. For off-site storage systems, choose one with the best security systems, even if going for this choice means paying additional fees on top of your rent. 

3. Implement Climate Control For Sensitive Items

Are you in the business of selling food? Or, perhaps you’re selling organic beauty products sensitive to proper storage to prevent them from going bad, fast. If the answer is affirmative, implementing proper climate control systems is also necessary for better business storage. With that, your inventory’s quality can be maintained, preventing spoiled products due to poor climate conditions.

Other sensitive items include furniture, equipment, pharmaceutical products, food, and organic products, as these are likely to be affected by extreme moisture, heat, cold, and vermin. 

4. Train Employees For Proper Management

 Train Employees

A good business storage facility can’t run itself. There have to be brains behind it for efficient and effective day-to-day operations. This is where your storage team or staff comes into the picture. Once you’ve figured out how to level up your business storage, the next step is to train employees in proper management. 

Manning business storage is a hectic endeavor, given all the work, documentation, and records. Putting effective routines keeps the whole team running in the best cycles, avoiding bottlenecks and all the other problems associated with business storage. Setting practices help make the standards you implement second nature to your team, which, in turn, also ensures committing minimal errors. 

5. Store In A Systemized Manner

You can use vertical space and have columns of cabinets for small business storage or one whole room for bigger ones. However, what stays constant with both is that you can pack and store your business’ inventory systemically. Below are some of the best ways for efficient management:

  • Use signage and labels
  • Organize in an alphabetical or numerical system
  • Use a color-coding system to indicate expiration dates or dates of arrival or disposal 

Doing so lets your team know exactly where each product or item is, reducing the time spent looking for things. Moreover, when new inventory comes in, there’s also a sense of coherence where everyone on the storage team knows where to ‘house’ each item.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to overall business success, many factors, such as storage space, come into play. The right storage space is crucial in delivering your products in crisp and perfect condition, without damage.

Remember that your options can be a mix of on-site and off-site storage ideas for as long as the goal of keeping your office collaborative and clean while maximizing your available space is met.

There are several ways to work around finding the best storage solution, starting with the ideas above. Take a trial-and-error approach to see what works for your business needs and what doesn’t.

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