7 Personal Injury Facts That You Must Absolutely Know

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Personal Injury

Personal injury law comes to the rescue of the victims who get injured in accidents that occur due to the negligence of someone else. Even though this law is favorable for someone suffering from physical and financial distress, getting a compensation claim is easier said than done. While you need the support of a professional attorney who specializes in this legal stream, there is much more involved in getting a favorable verdict. Considering the complexities of these cases, it is worthwhile to know all the key facts before you proceed with the compensation claim even with the assistance of a legal professional. Here are the facts that you must absolutely know.

Fact #1: You can be entitled to extensive compensation

Accidents can cause long-term injuries and even disabilities. Further, the injury can result in loss of employment and earnings in the long run. The trauma extends beyond the victim as the family may have to undergo suffering as well. Even though you may be involved in an unfortunate accident, the good news is that you are entitled to be compensated extensively. The compensation may include past and future medical expenses, loss of earnings and pain and trauma.

Fact #2: Personal injury cases go much beyond car accidents

If you think that you will be entitled to a personal injury compensation claim only if you are involved in an auto accident, you are mistaken. The law covers any instance where a victim suffers from the negligence of another entity. Lawsuits may range from damage caused by defective consumer products to workplace accidents, slips and falls, and even dog bites. Getting the right lawyer is important because they can help you work out the best means to claim the compensation.

Fact #3: Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is your best bet

injury lawyer

Since you would want to get the rightful claim you deserve, it is recommended that you avail the services of an experienced attorney. It is to be noted that personal injury is a complex legal stream and you should hire someone with the right expertise. Don’t expect a divorce lawyer to resolve the case for you and get you the maximum compensation. Look for someone with a good track record in this particular stream.

Fact #4: Every personal injury case is unique

injury case

Another key fact is that every case is unique and needs to be handled differently. For instance, an auto accident lawsuit needs a different approach as compared to that related to a winter sports accident. Despite Canadians’ reputation for affinity at winter pastimes, Jeffrey Preszler from says the Canadian Institute for Health Information reports that over 5,600 Canadians are injured each year in winter sports activities. Once again, the choice of the right attorney is important to earn a rightful compensation for such accidents.

Fact #5: Personal injury cases may or may not settle out of court

Lawsuits involving personal injury are resolved in two different ways. Firstly, your attorney can negotiate with the insurance company’s representative to get you the rightful settlement out of court. Ideally, they try to get you an optimal amount and within the minimal time span. In the circumstances when a settlement does not seem to work out, the case may go into the civil court for trial. When you choose a lawyer to handle your case, ensure that they have experience in the trial court as well because you may have to deal with a seasoned legal team of the insurance provider.

Fact #6: There is a specific time limit to claim compensation

When you do want to claim personal injury compensation, remember that there is a time limit for filing a case. If you fail to file within this specific period, you will not be able to claim compensation after it lapses. It is recommended that you connect with a professional soon after the accident so that your time limit does not lapse. Several victims fail to do so because they get focused on recovery but this may account for losses in the long run.

Fact #7: The lawsuit may take time depending on the complexity

Though it is possible to get the claim settled quickly, a personal injury lawsuit may take a longer time to be resolved. The complexity of your case can be one of the reasons of the case getting long drawn because it involves documentation related to the accident and injury. Hiring an expert can make all the difference because a good lawyer will be focused on getting you a settlement within the shortest possible time span.

Now that you know all about personal injury, you will realize that the crux of getting an optimal claim lies in hiring the right legal professional to handle your claim. Fortunately, most of the personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not be burdened financially because you pay only after getting the claim.

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