Which Renault is Best for You?

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Renault is one of the automotive industry’s biggest names and sits alongside the likes of Peugeot and Citroen as a premier French manufacturer, as well as one of the biggest names in Europe.

Following a partnership agreement with Nissan, Renault now enjoys a greater global platform whilst still enjoying its individual identity as a creator of distinctively designed, safe, reliable, and great value vehicles built for the family market.

If you’re looking for your next car, the idea of getting a Renault may well have crossed your mind. Renault is a brand that offers something for everyone, and here we look at three of their leading models and why they might make sense for you.

Renault Clio:

Probably the most recognizable model under the Renault banner, the Clio has enjoyed critical and commercial success since its introduction to the market in 1990, when it took over from the iconic Renault 5.

One of the pioneering ‘hot hatches’ of its time, the Clio has developed into a diverse vehicle through its generations and is now a well-loved and accessibly priced small family car. Offering smooth driveability, good economy, and a range of the latest in-car tech, the brand-new Clio V was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, with a release expected in the coming months.

Speaking to its diversity, the Clio RS offers a high-performance alternative, offering nearly 200bhp and 0-62mph in just 6.7 seconds.

Renault Clio

Renault Twingo:

In the last ten years or so we have seen the rise of the ‘city car’; small, practical and economically friendly vehicles built to fit the hustle the bustle of modern city life. The Twingo is Renault’s take on this, offering a lively design intended to add a bit of fun to your daily commute.

Compact but spacious, with rear-wheel drive providing great driving performance, the Twingo is littered with features designed to make city driving that bit easier. ‘Stop & Start’ engine technology, auto climate control, and Energy Smart Management (ESM) braking mean the Twingo produces fewer emissions and saves on fuel.

Plus, a turning circle of 8.59m combined with a super-compact build means the Twingo is a dream to park in tightly packed city centers.


Renault Zoe:

There’s no doubt that hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of the motor industry, and the Renault Zoe is the brand’s first fully electric vehicle and one of the leading lights in the sub-£30,000 EV market.

Electric vehicles provide a whole host of substantial advantages to their users, including cheaper running and maintenance costs, better convenience, and a range of environmental benefits that have led to buying incentives and tax deductions. However, many buyers are put off by the upfront costs associated with EVs – the Tesla Model S, for example, starts at around £75,000.

The Zoe, starting at just over £20,000 new, negates this concern, whilst avoiding the disadvantages often associated with cheaper EVs. While lower-priced EVs tend to offer a limited, sometimes impractical, range, the Zoe boasts up to 186 miles of driving per charge at a cost of as little as 3p per mile.

Renault Zoe

Loaded with the latest features, the Zoe is leading the charge for practical budget EVs and offers an accessible transition in the electric market.

From MPVs to subcompacts, to fully electric vehicles, there should be a model in the Renault family to suit any tastes. Peter Vardy offers a diverse range of well-priced used Renaults to suit any budget, so if you’ve decided your next car is going to be a Renault, a quick purchase might be easier than you think.

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