Which Celebrity Received Their Stage Name From A Medieval English Ballad?

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Which Celebrity Received Their Stage Name From A Medieval English Ballad

Question: Which Celebrity Received Their Stage Name From A Medieval English Ballad?

Correct answer: Chevy Chase

Cornelius Crane “Chevy” Chase was born on October 8, 1943. He is known for his comedy, writing script, and acting. Even after having a  prominent family, he experienced several jobs before choosing his career as a comedian. He started working with the National Lampoon. He started climbing his stairs of success very rapidly and halted when he became the main key cast character in the first season of Saturday Night Live. As a performer and a writer, he won three primetime Emmy Awards out of five nominations.

Yes, there is indeed a poem called “The Ballad Of Chevy Chase”. Cornelius got this from his grandmother and then turned it into his own stage name. From that onwards he became Chevy Chase. His given name was brought up in many comedic scenes that he played throughout his life performing.

In this article, we have not much to discuss but still, the answer to the question will be separately given and the story of the real chevy chase ballad will be summarised as neatly as it can be.

Who is Chevy Chase?

Born as Cornelius Crane Chase, this comic is from Lower Manhattan, New York! He is the son of a woman who was a concert pianist along with being a librettist while his father, Edward Tinsley “Ned” Chase, a writer and an editor.

He belonged to prominent families, grandfathers Admiral Miles Browning and Edward Leigh Chase, an artist and illustrator. Apparently, starting from German, Irish, Scottish to English, all this ancestry is in his recent history.

The man was given the nickname, “Chevy” by his grandmother! He became a cast member of Saturday Night Live (1975) from its very beginning in 1976! After this debut, he started his successful movie career. 

He has worked in movies such as Vacation (1983), Fletch (1985), Fletch Lives (1989) and Caddyshack (1980). Recently he has also played a character, a regular role in the four seasons, Community (2009). 

Uncommon Things About Chase!

It was him, Crane Chase who first said, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”  when he was hosting Saturday Night Live! When he started working in movies, he admitted in an interview that till date, it was in the movie, “Three Amigos” that he has had the most fun. 

The man is quite musical as he can pitch perfect musical notes without having much of a reference. He has been quite diverse in his profession starting from cabdriver, motorcycle messenger, busboy, construction workers to others.

Chase was replaced by Bill Murray after doing only one season of Saturday Night Live! It was chase who left the show however, he regretted his decision later. 

Chevy Chase English Medieval Ballad

The ballads here tell a story about a large hunting party upon a hunting land in Cheviot Hills. It was a range of rolling hills that straddles the Anglo-Scottish border between the Scottish Borders and Northumberland. Hence “chevy chase”. A hunt that was led by an English Earl of Northumberland named Percy. 

Why And How Did The Comedian Get His Name? – Explanation

  • The name was given to him by his grandmother as she somehow related her grandson with the medieval English Ballad and after the wealthy Maryland community. Chase was hired by Lorne Michaels for the first season of Saturday Night Live after watching the film.  When Chase started his career in Saturday night live, he was happy about his job, he enjoyed every bit of it.
  • But slowly and gradually as he shifted from the 80s to 90s his shows started failing and therefore to keep his passion going he started his late-night talk shows. His big comeback was promising in NBC’’s Sitcom Community but for him, it ended in chaos. 
  • Chase fought with the show creator Dan Herman, as well as with other cast members. He commented on the jokes that were a part of the show as insensitive and horrible. Since he had to get off the shows as he thought the jokes were “nasty slights and are rationally insensitive”. The creators of the show had to let him go, to which Chase replied in an interview, “the scriptwriting was poor, and I had nothing there for me”.  Chase faced a life where he couldn’t do anything much therefore he started drinking. Paparazzi was the one to see him drunk on the road. 
  • The relationship between Chase and Dan bottomed out during the third season of the ‘community’. On the set of Community, Dan pulled an insensitive prank on Chevy where everyone was asked to humiliate him by cussing over a microphone. Chase immediately left the place embarrassed and angry. That was the end of Chevy in the community show. 
  • Later Chevy voicemails Dan and expresses how he felt, but Dan posted it online and even used it on the gigs he used to have. There is a perception of Chevy being funny but in an arrogant way, therefore writers portrayed him as an A-hole. Chevy also had something to say regarding him being portrayed as an arrogant personality, he said “I was perceived as an arrogant person because I write well from other scriptwriters, I look well enough to compete with others, I am chevy go screw yourself”.
  • According to Chase no one really cares how funny he is, they all are just focused on his reputation as a villain, a toxic show killer who is impossible to work with.
  • Chase has not been in many interviews but one interview showed the real-life Chevy Chase. He asked the interviewer to write anything they want, about him as many people have written stuff against Chevy but that did not stop him from being proud of himself. 

Chevy Chase in 2024!

In March 2024, celebrity comedian Chevy Chase announced that he was going to be a grandfather on social media platform X, previously known as Twitter. He congratulated his daughter, Emily and her partner, Alex Baglieri who stood alongside Emily and Chase, touching the baby bump.

His fans and followers filled the comment section with love, blessings and congratulations. The comedian keeps posting on his Instagram account where he shares with his fans and followers’ moments and celebrations that are important for him.

Starting from anniversaries, birthdays to Valentine’s Day, this man is out there celebrating and making his friends and family special. His daughter said in a magazine earlier that month that Chase is one of the funniest, loving and generous people she knows!

Wrapping it All Up

Chevy Chase is known as a comedian who ruled his time, but later as other comedians started showing up, Chase’s comedy was falling flat. But that never stopped Chevy from doing any movies, or shows. After all, he is Chevy Chase.

There are movies of Chevy Chase, and he is more content than he was before. Maybe it’s because of my age. Chevy Chase was brought to Saturday Night Live after a long time, but there were controversies as he was most probably drunk at the monologue. 

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