If you are looking for the best torrent website to watch your favorite movies and web series, nothing can be better than welltorrent. Welltorrent has one of the largest torrent databases in the torrent industries. Just search for anything, and there are chances that you will not return empty-handed.

The best part of welltorrent websites is that they offer downloadable links. That means you can download the torrent files and watch them in your leisure time.

The welltorrent website's user interface is very clean and gives the users a smooth navigation experience. Every file and folders you can see on the website are checked and verified by the website's staff. Hence, you will get only the best torrent files.

Best Welltorrent Alternatives

For several years, welltorrent has been the only place for people to consume free content. However, in the last couple of weeks, it has been seen that the welltorrent site is not loading properly. It is even being banned in many countries.

This made us realize how much we need welltorrent alternatives. We started our research work to find the best welltorrent alternative that is in working condition.

1. 1337x


1337x is not a torrent website. You can say it is a torrent search engine. 1337x was formerly known as 13377x torrent. It acts as a torrent search engine and curates all kinds of torrent files from all around the internet. Whenever a user looks for something, 1337x runs a search query on the search engine and looks for the exact content the user is looking for. The best part is that you can even download the content. Many admins have deserted this torrent due to high security. Despite that, it is still moving forward with full force.

2. Torrents Downloads

Many times, a user is looking for the welltorrent; they have been contemplating the Torrent Download results. These SERPs show how similar search engines consider these two torrent websites. The operation of the torrent download is similar to the well torrent. It looks for torrent magnet links and then records it for the users to use. The torrent download database might not be as big as welltorrent; however, it certainly tries to give results for every search.

3. The Pirate Bay

If you are into torrent websites, then there is no way that you had never heard of the Pirate Bay torrent website. For almost every torrent search, pirate bay is one of the common search results. You can even consider The Pirate Bay as the successor of the welltorrent.

In the past, The Pirate Bay has faced several bands, but it has bounced back from its bad times and is again working on regaining the same position. Fortunately, the stars are also with the pirate bay torrent website. Just recently, Kat torrent was shut down. This provided the pirate bay with an opportunity to spread its roots in the torrent community.

4. YTS


If you are looking for a torrent website with most of the old school motion pictures, it will be YTS.ag. It was formerly known as YIFY and had a unique group with personal preferences. They upload only the best quality content with the lowest bitrate rips. Though this group now ceases to exist, YTS has been working well.

5. Extratorrent

Currently, the top of the torrent indexing website is Extra torrent. It is considered that the database of ExtraTorrent might be huge than welltorrent. Extra torrent is known for its variety of torrent hyperlinks and has its community that gives feedback on the torrents.

The feedback supplies invaluable insight into the torrent links and their functionality. The feedback even carries data on the virus-related and lets the people know about any virus-infected hyperlinks.

How To Access Blocked Torrent Websites?

Every user thinks that they can access almost every type of content for free with the web browser. After all, web pages are created for that purpose. However, there are certain types of web pages that have been banned in many nations. These webpages are known as torrent websites. Torrent websites are the curator of free content, which, otherwise, would have cost you.

Here are a few methods that you can use to access these banned websites.

Method 1: Use Proxy Websites

The proxy websites are the mirror website. The websites' domain will feel the same, but after a closer look, you will be able to find the differences. These proxy websites are also commonly known as proxy servers. They act like a local gateway to the internet connection.

When you connect with the proxy servers, you will be able to connect with the main server and will be able to access all the mains server files. There are several proxy servers of the blocked torrent websites. 

Method 2: Use VPN Services

Use VPN Services

Proxy servers are the best way to get access to the blocked torrent website. However, a method is even better than the proxy servers, Virtual Private Network (VPN). The virtual private network encrypts your IP address with a fake IP address. Hence, whenever you are browsing on the internet with the VPN services, your original IP address will be masked.

There are several VPN service providers. Some will provide you free services while some are paid. Don't get persuaded by the free services. Always go for the VPN services with the most secure network.

The Bottom Line

No matter how we see it, using torrent websites to download content is considered illegal. We are here only to give the necessary information about the welltorrent. We have never encouraged people to take any illegal action. However, after reading this, you are willing to visit the welltorrent website and its alternative; you will be responsible.

Note: if you want to visit a welltorrent website, it is better that you use a VPN for it. VPN makes the original IP address that helps you from being tracked by cybersecurity. You can use VPN for any website.

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