10 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Computer Workstation Ergonomics

author-img By Subham Saha 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Computer Workstation Ergonomics

Do you often have to deal with neck pain? Do you feel too sleepy after working for long hours at the office? If so, then I think it’s about time you improved your computer workstation ergonomics. 

Building your office ergonomics not only saves a lot of money but also improves your health so that you can work for longer workers. It does not matter if your business is small or big; entrepreneurs should always strive to build proper workstation ergonomics. 

If your company is doing well and generating a lot of revenue, it does not mean you need to flaunt the company’s profits by buying extra office equipment and making it look silly. All the colorful chairs may not help you work for 8 hours straight, and you may very soon end up catching some physical issues.

According to health experts, it is important that you try to achieve as comfortable a seating option as possible. This is not only going to help you keep medical and health complications at bay, but also boost your work productivity. To know more about what experts are saying about the best seating positions, click here.

10 Ways To Improve Your Computer Workstation Ergonomics

So if you want to improve or create healthy workstation ergonomics, continue reading this article as I guide you through the whole process.

1. Proper Environmental Backdrop

The reason why I have placed this factor in the first place is that it is often overlooked, but in my opinion, this is the most crucial factor that you should consider while improving your workstation ergonomics.

Ensure that there is no direct sunlight from the windows, as it can make using computers problematic. If there is direct sunlight on your computer monitor, then apart from making your working difficult, it can seriously damage your eyes. The lighting in the office should be placed appropriately, or else it will cause glare and make it difficult for you to work. 

If your office is centrally air-conditioned, make sure you set the temperature accordingly so that everybody feels comfortable. I know this one is a little problematic as everybody feels differently, but you should try to keep it moderate.

2. Make Sure Your Chairs Are Adjustable

Adjustable chairs

If you own a business, make sure you buy high-end chairs that are adjustable and convertible chairs for your employees. You might think that buying low-quality chairs can help you cut costs, but it actually does not, as you are risking the health of your employee. Ensuring your chairs are adjustable is an important step to improve workstation ergonomics. 

3. Maintain A Proper Working Posture


Maintaining proper posture is very important while working, be it at a corporate office or in a factory. The chairs and desks should be built in such a way that a person is able to sit and stand without any stress to their body. 

If you are an employee, then you should sit with your legs, arms and wrists straight in a line aligned to the floor. Make sure you get up from your workstation and go for a walk every now and then. It’s advisable not to be stuck at the same place for longer hours. 

4. Take Short Breaks

Like I mentioned in the previous point, it’s essential to stand up and move around. If you are an office worker, then you must stand up and take short breaks every hour. Take some spare time out and look at the window or just other things. Employers that don’t like their employees walking around or moving out of their place every hour should understand that a healthy work environment is a positive work environment.  

5. Look Around 

Looking at computer displays for 8-9 hours straight can severely damage both your health and eyes. It causes severe fatigue to your eyes and causes eye dryness. In order to avoid it, you should consciously look around every 15-20 minutes and focus on something which is at least 30 feet away. Maybe look at the tree outside or look at some painting on the wall. Changing the focus will relax your eye muscles and increase your concentration.

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6. Place Your Keyboard And Mouse In The Proper Position


The proper placement of the keyboard and mouse is just as important as improving workstation ergonomics. Make sure you do not have to reach for your keyboard and mouse. 

If you reach for the keyboard or mouse at an awkward angle can contravene the inline parallel rule in which elbows and wrists work. Having to reach for the mouse and keyboard causes extra strain to your body, which causes fatigue. 

You are already under a lot of work pressure, and I am sure you do not want these minor things to add up to those pressures.

7. Try To Lessen Movements That Are Repetitive In Nature

If you work at an office where you have to sit in front of a computer for 8-9 hours, I am sure you have to make movements which are quite repetitive in nature; you must be aware that most musculoskeletal disorders are caused by making the same action over and over again. 

The best way to solve this problem is to keep changing your work from time to time. I understand that if you are working at a very low level, it might be a little difficult for you, so you should change the position you are using. 

For instance, you can do your work by standing and then again after 30 minutes you can sit. 

8. Get The Proper ergonomic Gear

Getting the proper ergonomic gear for your workstation is exceptionally crucial. Some of the ergonomic equipment that can you can consider buying are:-

  • Headphones (for those involved in sending and receiving calls) 
  • Footrest
  • Ball chair
  • Document holders 

Getting all these gears will definitely improve your computer workstation ergonomics

9. Seek Professional Help

If you see that none of the above ways are working for you, you can consider getting some professional help. I would suggest you get eye check-ups on a regular basis. Big business organizations have doctors that will help you out. 

If you are an individual working for a startup, then you might not get the benefit. You have to go to the doctor by yourself.            

10. Work Out 

I have placed this at the bottom of the list as this is not related to improving your computer workstation ergonomics, but it’s a significant factor nonetheless. First and foremost, you must focus on staying fit. Hit the gym before going to your workplace. You will feel very confident and energetic.

Final Thoughts  

If you are an employee, you should ensure that you are using proper workstation ergonomics. Because the truth is your company does not care if you get spondylitis after a year or not. So, in my opinion, it’s best to ensure your safety first.

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