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Term Plans

Purchasing the term plans of insurance policy is a significant choice that should be approached with caution. In the event of your untimely death, the insurance company provides a lump-sum amount to your family, giving financial stability and assisting in paying off any bills you leave behind.

Despite your best efforts, if you are not diligent while purchasing the coverage, your family may experience financial difficulties in your absence.

This article will discuss things you should keep in mind to help you buy the best term insurance plan for your family with term insurance tax benefits

What Is A Term Insurance Plan, Exactly? 

A term insurance policy is life insurance that covers your family if you die too young. A standard term insurance policy only protects you for a specified time and up to a certain age. A conventional approach will terminate if you outlive the specified cover period.

A term insurance policy aims to preserve your dependents’ financial well-being in your untimely death. In the event of an untimely death, the term life insurance policy will pay out a large quantity of money to the beneficiaries so that they can:

  • Take care of their regular monthly living expenses
  • Pay off any financial obligations you may have, such as a car loan or a mortgage
  • Invest in essential life goals, such as their children’s education and marriage, or a retirement fund for their spouse.
  • Term plans offer term insurance tax benefits on the death benefits received.

Before Purchasing A Term Plan, Policyholders Should Think About The Following:

Term Plan Benefits

1. Obtain Enough Insurance Protection

Choosing how much term plans insurance to purchase is a critical choice that should be approached cautiously. You’ll need enough coverage to cover all of your liabilities (such as mortgages), your family’s living expenditures for at least 30 years, and future ambitions such as a child’s marriage, education, etc. 

Keep in mind that you must factor in the rate of annual inflation when estimating these costs.

2. Make An Accurate Disclosure Of All Information

You’ve probably heard and agreed that you should never lie to your doctors or attorneys, right? You must correctly fill out all of the information on the policy forms. Also, tell the insurance company about any health problems you’re having now or in the past, your family’s medical history, and any other information the firm needs to know. 

Don’t hide things like smoking and drinking to save money on extra premiums. If you provide false information while purchasing the term plans insurance and the insurance company discovers that the cause of death was due to a health condition not stated on the proposal form, what will you do? The insurance company will deny the claim and void the policy. 

3. Always Include The Name Of the Nominee

Make a note of the nominee’s name when filling out the insurance proposal form. To pass on the advantages of term insurance coverage, a nominee should ideally be your wife or children. 

By purchasing the term plans insurance under the MWP Act, you can rest assured that some will be handed on to your children and wife (Married Women Protection Act). This law allows a husband to protect an insurance policy only for his wife or children. 

4. If Necessary, Add Riders To Your Term Insurance Policy

Riders are an add-on benefit to a term insurance policy that provides additional coverage. 

Aside from the primary life insurance term plans, these riders provide additional benefits. 

  • Accidental Death Benefit For The Rider – Accidental death benefits of the riders give a lump amount to the nominee in the event of the insured’s untimely death. 
  • Critical Illness Riders – If the insured is diagnosed with a particular illness, a critical illness rider pays a lump sum payment to the insured’s family. 
  • Waiver of Premium Rider- When a policyholder cannot pay future premiums due to an accident or loss of income, this rider can help. 

5. Make A List Of All Of Your Current Policies

Before obtaining a new term plan of insurance, you must give all of the facts of your current insurance plans (including the insurance company’s name, the sum assured, and the policy number). 

People frequently obfuscate this information in proposal forms since sifting through old records is inconvenient. It’s possible that concealing these facts is one of the causes for claim denial. 

The Best Term Insurance Plan  

Canara HSBC Life Insurance’s term plans iSelect Smart360 Term Plans are one of the best term insurance plans available. At the covered incidence of the life assured, the plan is to pay up for a lump amount or a specific recurring income. 

Key Features Of The iSelect Smart360 Term Plan  

  • Life coverage until age 99
  • Option to receive a refund of all premiums paid if no claim is made
  • No of the future premiums, if they are diagnosed with a, covered the Critical Illness of the occurrence with the Accidental Total & Permanent physical disability if chosen
  • Additional lump sum payment in the event of critical illness, accidental total and permanent physical or other disability, or accidental death, if selected. Additional lump sum payment in the event of critical condition, permanent disability, or accident causing death, if selected.
  • Kid caring benefit option to provide an additional sum assured until the child reaches the age of 21
  • Option to freeze your premium at the start and boost your coverage to 100% of the Base Sum Assured over the next five years.
  • Option to add expedited Terminal Illness Benefit to your coverage.
  • When you reach the age of 60, you can receive a steady income benefit.
  • Term insurance tax benefit may be possible depending on the applicable legislation, which may be altered from time to time.
  • Benefits will vary depending on the plan option and coverages chosen.


The term plans for insurance are one of the most sensible investments in your financial portfolio. Canara HSBC Life Insurance iSelect Smart360 Term Plans are all comprehensive, benefits-loaded best term insurance plans available in the market.

It also offers the individual policyholders for selecting the modes among the multiple payout modes, premium modes, levels, increasing, and decreasing insurance options, riders, spousal cover, term insurance tax benefit, and much more.

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