Vidyut Jamwal is ready to set the Silver Screen on Fire with his Body

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Vidyut Jamwal

The name Vidyut isn’t unheard of.

This martial art experts who flaunt his chiseled body and performs the stunts of his movie himself has been renowned in the film industry. After every now and then, he can be easily spotted in the trending news for his body, looks or his sexy martial art moves.

This time, he is back with one of the topics which are mostly not discussed or talked about in India. Poaching, which is still an ongoing crime that actively goes on in multiple reserves and sanctuaries across the nation.

The new release date for Junglee:

Since the release of its trailer, the movie has become viral news. With netizens talking about how dashing Vidyut looks in the forest scenes, people also were eagerly waiting for its release next month.

But it seems that even the maker Chuck Russell was as eager as Vidyut Jamwal movies fans. Fortunately, the date for movie release has shifted. So, instead of 5th April, Junglee will release on 29th of March.

If you don’t know about the iconic director, let me tell you, he the maker of movies like ‘The Mask’ and ‘Scorpion King’. And yes, he has ruled the trending news when we were kids. Chuck is a pretty cool director who has made some of the best movies loved by children and adults alike.

The story is enticing:

Just like Russell’s previous stories, Junglee is a beautiful tale. The story of this movie revolves around Ashwath, a guy hailing from the forests of Kerala. It tells a tale of the friendship that flourishes between man and animal kingdom.

There are mesmerizing scenes in the trailer where Vidyut is shown playing with majestic elephants and running wild in the fields as if they were best buds. The trailer has already gained 11,449,169 views and people are in love with the beautiful way Vidyut Jamwal is decorating elephants with colors.

Undoubtedly, the movie’s cinematography looks fabulous and the best part is that it also covers a serious issue.

Elephant poaching racket:

It’s sad that people end up killing these majestic creatures for money. Even after a lot of protests and raids, the poaching business still manages to grow and flourish. Poachers still find it very casual to kill and own elephant teeth and the corrupting officers make it possible without a glitch.

With Junglee, the makers are trying to bring up a serious issue that needs to be paid attention to. Also, the frequently changing dates are creating a sort of hype and making the release a trending news today.

Thankfully, the wait is over and it’s just a few days until 29th March when the movie will hit the theatres.

Netizens compare Vidyut’s role to Tarzan:

Ever since the trailer was released, netizens couldn’t stop talking about the role Vidyut is playing in Junglee. The movie shows a glimpse of his role in the movie.

He is shown running wild in the forest with elephants, riding them, taking a shower with them in the river and also decorating them with bare hands. Naturally, the first thing netizens could come up with was, Tarzan.

Just like Tarzan was the forest man who loved animals and protected them, Vidyut too is projecting the same thing with Junglee. He is also shown fighting with the poachers in the later part of the trailer which confirms that indeed it is going to be action-packed.

In Conclusion:

People already love Vidyut for his killer body and sexy martial art moves and now that he is coming up with a movie which shows a major problem of our nation, I am sure he will be loved more. I am a die-hard fan, what about you?

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