Many countries around the world dwell into getting a delightful glass of wine every after a meal during special occasions. An alcoholic drink that is made of fermented grapes is a wine. To make the wine have its ethanol, carbon dioxide, and heat, the yeast consumes the sugar in the grapes then converts it to the formerly mentioned elements.  There is a production of different styles of wine through the different varieties of grapes and the strains of yeasts. However, there are wines that are not made from grapes. It includes rice wine and fruit wines such as cherry, plum, currant, elderberry, and pomegranate.

Many people are driven by plenty of reasons for drinking wine. Some are for regular daily basis, health relation purposes, special occasion reasons, and others are for sleeping concerns. Regardless of the nature of the reasons that a person may have, exploring and getting a wine to drink must be considered. As people discovered many blends of grapes to create another form of drinking wine, take on the vying ones that draw lifetime superiority. Study and learn about the cheaper and different varieties of wines with an extravagant taste like Bedrock Wine Co. Sonoma Valley Old Vine Zinfandel and see how its varieties clear your throat.

Bedrock Wine Co. Sonoma Valley Old Vine Zinfandel

130 years ago, the Bedrock Vineyard was planted. One of the most qualitatively and historically gilded plots of land in Sonoma Valley is the Bedrock Vineyard. It has taken up 152 acres of the Sonoma Valley. Further, this vineyard had been occupying a large section of one of the best growing climates for grapes around the world. The Bedrock has become ground-zero of farming and preserving old vines.

Within the wine, the Bedrock Wine Co. Sonoma Valley Old Vine Zinfandel, it is rated very well by many wine drinkers. The grape blended on it is Zinfandel. It is suggested to pair the wine with lamb food. With the rich and intense red wine style it produces, it makes it irresistible. The wine carries the taste of dark, wizened berries, spice, peppercorns, and wild herbs. It has a dark undertone that fascinates wine drinkers. In Sokolin Wine, it costs $21.95 for a 750 ml bottle.

Bevan Cellars Pinot Noir Petaluma Gap

The Petaluma Gap is made from four different clones. All of these are expressed on a different set of levels. The massive and power textures came from the Pommard clone.  The floral aromatics are from the Swan. The roasted earth is from the Calera. And lastly, the bright fruit is from the 828 clones. The combination of these powerful elements looks like a Cabernet when dip into a glass but in the nose is all Pinot Noir.

The wine is produced by Bevan Cellars from the region of Sonoma Coast. The grape blend is Pinot Noir with a suggested food combination of the following: duck, goose, and game birds type of foods. The wine is savory and classic with its red wine style. It tastes with a blend of ripe cherry, plum, strawberry, raspberry, and mushroom. The nose is barnyard, cherry, plum, game, and tomato. In Sokolin wine, it costs $79.99 for a bottle of 750 ml.

The Prisoner Wine Company The Prisoner

The Prisoner is inspired by the mixed blacks first made of the Italian immigrants. These immigrants originally settled from Napa Valley. The Prisoner’s Wine Company – The Prisoner is already the most recognized red blend of Napa Valley. It led the resurgence of interesting blends of Zinfandel unlike the mix of Petite Sirah, Charbono, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine was awarded internationally as Bronze in the TEXSOM International Wine Awards in 2016. And just recently, it maintained its Bronze award in the TEXSOM International Wine Awards in 2017.

The Prisoner is rated very well by most common drinkers. It is originated from Napa Valley. It is made from the combination of the grape blends Cabernet, Syrah, and Zinfandel. The wine is suggested to be paired with lamb. It features an enticing aromas Bing cherry, clove, dark chocolate, and roasted fig. There is a persistent flavor of boysenberry, ripe raspberry, pomegranate, and vanilla linger. It is a rich and intense red wine style with 15% alcohol content.  In Sokolin Wine, the bottle of 750 ml only costs $49.95.


As you purchase one of the cheaper wines with Extravagant Taste like Bedrock Wine Co. Sonoma Valley Old Vine Zinfandel, take this discussion as guide and bases for your taste preference. Read on the following that will help you find your penny.  Buying one that suits you will help you get a satisfaction that your taste buds need. Be enlightened of the thought that your wine tasting experience should make you ask for more.

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