Whether you are just in the process of building your first house and can’t decide which type of bathroom you want or a homeowner who is not really happy with their existing bathrooms, knowing which type of bathroom you would like to have is one of the most crucial and important steps of bathroom remodeling, renovation, or construction.

type of bathroom

You may oftentimes hear it from home design experts: bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house. This is probably the logic behind why many people regularly have their home bathrooms updated, for sanitation purposes, as well as to improve it aesthetically.

In the building and design, the choices you have when it comes to bathroom size and style boils down to 4 types. While each aims to provide the same service and functions, every one has a different layout, composition, design, and size, which suits different types of needs by different types of people. Each type of bathroom entails a different set of colors, types of fixtures, tiles, lighting, etc. Knowing each type’s advantages and purpose can help you decide which one you should go for, once you decide to have your bathroom remodeled. While choosing the perfect fit for every category is very overwhelming and intimidating, understanding how all of these parts fit perfectly with each category, theme, and motif could be learned by having an ample knowledge about it.

This infographic will guide you, and eventually help you decide which type of bathroom you need, or you want in your life. By presenting the different types of bathroom based on floor type and the usual types of fixtures that should go with it, you will have a better idea which one suits your needs the best, which ones will go best with your house layout, and which will maximize the efficiency of your space.

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