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Trucking 101: 5 Tips For Finding The Best Loads

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read December 30, 2021

Best Loads

Running a trucking business can be a costly and challenging job. With crowded highways, high overheads, and increasing fuel costs, you should undoubtedly have adequate financial resources to keep up with the operational expenses.

However, having capital may not be enough to keep the business going. Since the process can be challenging and competitive, it’s essential to work smarter by getting more truck contracts and loads to make money. You can make the whole process easier and faster with the right load.

Below are the five tips for finding the best loads for your trucking business:

1. Use Load Boards

It is one of the best ways to find the best loads for your trucking operations. Typically, load boards refer to online platforms that house multiple listings of freight loads, allowing truckers to connect with many shippers. These sources make it much easier to look for the exact loads with many options of your choice.

For instance, free and paid load boards are available to help you begin your searches and haul the best loads as much as you can. With today’s advancements in technology, most load boards in the market have free trials and mobile apps, allowing you to obtain the best and good-paying loads for your trucks.

2. Partner With Some Players In The Industry

2. Partner With Some Players In The Industry

Searching for the best loads for your trucks can also be made easier and faster if you enter into partnership with some players in the trucking industry. These can include:

i. Freight Brokers 

If you’re an independent trucking business owner, working with freight brokers can also be an excellent option for searching for the best loads to transport. Since they usually have good relationships with the shippers, they can help you reach out to them for freight to transport. They can connect you to shippers who allow you to make money by giving your fleet quality loads for shipping.

Moreover, using freight brokers can also be a good decision if you’re starting a trucking business. They can do most of the paperwork for you, mainly discussing the rates with the shippers to get the best possible deal.

ii. Dispatchers

Another way of securing the best loads for your trucking business is to use a dispatcher. They’re primarily responsible for managing freight on behalf of your company. They use their connections to find transported cargo from one place to another. Since they’ve been part of the trucking industry for a long time, they can certainly help you reach out to various shippers.

Additionally, hiring dispatch services can also perform other administrative tasks. These can include communicating with brokers, billing, and collections setting up their routes, and dispatching drivers.

3. Work As A Government-Authorized Contractor

Generally, the federal, state, and local governments require the assistance of a trucking company to transport goods for their governmental operations. Thus, if you want to find the best loads to ship, registering as a government-authorized contractor can be an excellent option.

If you work as a government contractor, you become a trucking partner, which means you can handle all contracts, making it easier to haul the best loads for your business.

4. Take Advantage Of Networking

4. Take Advantage Of Networking

As a trucking operator, it’s essential to get involved with the leading industry associations for networking purposes. By connecting with them, you can obtain referrals and prospects from the different people who work in the trucking industry.

Thus, to get started with your networking efforts, you can search online to identify the associations or organizations you can have affiliations with them. Don’t hesitate to contact them and attend all the events they organize in your area.

In doing so, you’ll more likely meet plenty of shippers who can give you the best trucking loads to haul. Although this process may take some time, you’ll be surprised by how your networking efforts will pay off in the future.

5. Conduct Thorough Research About The Shippers In Your Area

If you still find a difficult time searching for the perfect loads to ship, it may be time to do thorough research about the shippers in your area. Working with shippers in your area can help you establish your network and familiarize yourself with some players in the local market.

To begin your research, you can browse the internet to find potential carriers in your area. For instance, you can use a keyword like ‘carriers or shippers near me’ to get more relevant results.

Once you obtain a list of prospective shippers, you can contact the persons in charge of the shipping process. Try to schedule an appointment and inquire about their shipping requirements. Make sure to follow them up from time to time to increase your chances of getting a positive outcome. The more you stay consistent in contacting them, the more you can bring new trucking opportunities.


Your trucking business won’t be successful without the best loads to haul. As part of the trucking industry, you need freight to make money and watch your business grow and become successful. Therefore, keep the information mentioned above in mind if you’re looking for the perfect load for your fleet. That way, you can make the entire search process more seamless.

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