Top Ayurvedic Tips to Improve Heart Health

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Heart diseases are one of the seven leading causes of death around the world. Even though modern medicine has done lots of beneficial advancements in cardiovascular health sciences, there is no better way to treat a condition naturally.

Traditional medicine such as Ayurveda has great treatment methods to keep the heart healthy. The great benefit to these ayurvedic treatments is that not only does it help heart health but also improves physical and mental health as well.

Reduce stress

Ayurvedic science discusses the term ‘Ojas, which is the sentence that maintains life. Ojas is responsible for all activities of mind and body, thus, flourishing emotional and physical well-being. Spend time on activities that are beneficial for the ojas.

Activities that cultivate contentment, bliss, and inner strength will help achieve a stress-free life. This will greatly impact your physical health, especially the heart. Practice meditation and yoga. Maintain a positive approach towards life and try to walk away from stressful situations which may disturb or anger you.

Doctors suggest medical intervention as soon as you show signs of heart trouble, so go for medical support and compare Xarelto prices online in case your doctor prescribes it.

Eat Well

The trend of fast food and binge eating has done more harm than good to our health. Taking a healthy diet is the most critical step you need to take towards a healthy heart. It is not necessary to cut all your eating habits, but take small steps towards a healthy diet routine.

Eat more servings of vegetables and fruits in a meal. Start your day with apples or pears. Take almonds into your diet. Take heart-healthy spices in your food such as turmeric and ground black pepper. Eat fresh foods instead of over-processed or junk foods. This will help reduce the cholesterol levels in the body system which is an enemy of your heart.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is the key to heart health. If you show any signs of heart trouble such as chest pains or sudden numbness in one or both arms, start exercising daily. You don’t need to do strenuous exercises at the beginning. Just a 20-minute walk or jogging session is adequate.

Follow the ayurvedic principle of Balaardh, which is exercising to half your capacity. This will help you exercise regularly without putting too much strain on your muscles. Walking early in the morning is a great way to jumpstart your day and regulate the blood pressure of the body.

Exercise on a regular schedule will regulate your metabolism and help reduce excess weight from the body as well which is a contributing factor to heart diseases.

Get proper sleep

Practice good sleeping habits to increase heart strength. Researchers have linked sleep deprivation to heart diseases. Go to bed early at night so you can wake up early in the morning. Get all distractions out of your way when sleeping, such as gadgets, noises, lights. Create a warm, peaceful environment around you.

Try these lifestyle changes and you will see a major difference in your mental and physical health.

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