Top 9 Completely Ridiculous Weight Loss Diets People Practice

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Weight Loss

People generally tend to go to great lengths in order to shed their excess weight and become slim. However, some of them tend to go overboard and start implementing diets that are completely ridiculous that it can only merit laughter from sensible people. In this post, we will look at the top nine ridiculous weight-loss diets practiced by people all over the world.

If You Think Dieting Is Boring, You Have Not Tried This. Read on to see if there any diet that fits your body type and takes care of your nutritional needs.

1. The Cabbage Soup Diet :

As the name suggests, the cabbage soup diet involved drinking a lot of cabbage soup over a period of seven days. There are also rumors that such a diet is practiced in certain hospitals that tend to heart surgery patients. However, claims of fat loss with the cabbage soup diet have been proven to be a hoax by many doctors who say that the diet does not result in fat loss, but only water loss. Some people experience flatulence as a side effect of practicing this diet for too long while some might experience a severe lack of energy.

2. The Sleeping Beauty Diet :

Very suitable for lazy people, the sleeping beauty diet requires its participants to sleep for a long period of time every single day. The idea behind this is equally ridiculous – since you are not awake, you won’t be eating any foods. The sleeping beauty diet had a very famous adherent in Elvis Presley. The diet does result in some weight loss, but the entire concept of sleeping in order to avoid eating is so unhealthy that your body will develop several health disorders in the future if you keep up with this diet for too long.

Sleeping Beauty Diet

3. The Baby Food Diet :

This might be the least tasty diet on this list. What the baby food diet requires you to do is to eat fourteen cans of baby food all through the day. Only one adult food is allowed, that too at the end of the day. The biggest problem with eth diet is that baby food does not contain fiber. But above all, there has never been any scientific study to validate the claims made by this diet program. However, it reportedly did attract a few celebrity followers, most notably being Lady Gaga and Jennifer Aniston.

4. The Breatharianism Diet :

The breatharianism diet will probably be the most boring of all diets you will have come across. So what does this diet require you to eat? Nothing. Yes, you read that right. All participants who practice breatharianism are required to eat absolutely nothing at all. So, how do such people survive? As per the claims made by the practitioners of the diet – only through breathing. And obviously, one can easily see that the diet program is completely bogus since no human being can survive without eating food. In fact, it has been reported that at least three people have died while being on this program.

5. The Cotton Ball Diet :

This fad diet has its origins in the modeling industry. Apparently, a few models were trying to find a new way to reduce weight. So, they came up with this totally insane idea of dipping cotton balls in orange juice and swallowing it. The idea was since no ‘real’ food is being eaten, one will not gain weight. And obviously, this diet too turned out to be dangerous. After all, eating only cotton balls all day long will deprive your body of carbs, proteins, and other nutrients. Plus, the cotton balls also tend to choke up the throat or clog the intestine, causing severe health issues.

Cotton Ball Diet

6. The Lemonade Diet :

The aim of the lemonade diet is to remove all toxins accumulated inside the body. The diet involves drinking up to ten glasses of lemonade each day. No other food items can be eaten. The lemonade is usually made from lemon, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. In the morning, a glass of saltwater is also to be drunk together with the lemonade. And during the night, a light laxative is to be taken. The diet was reportedly started by a person who was convicted of practicing medicine without a proper license.  However, this did not deter celebs like Jared Leto and Beyonce to try this out.

7. The Fletcherizing Diet :

This diet is named after the person who invented it – Horace Fletcher. The Fletcherizing diet has probably the most bizarre eating ritual on this list. Those practicing this diet are required to keep their head tilted forwards and chew the food exactly 32 times. Once done, they have to tilt their head backward so that the chewed up food can slide along the throat into the stomach. You are not allowed to swallow it the normal way. So, what happens if any food did not slide down the throat and is left in the mouth? You spit it out. Apparently, such leftover food in the mouth is considered to be unsuitable for the body as per the diet.

8. The Feeding Tube Diet :

This diet requires adherents to wear a feeding tube for ten days straight. A liquid diet of about 800 calories per day is fed through the tube. Also known as the KE diet, participants are completely forbidden from ingesting any solid food during the period of the diet program.  Once the ten days are over, the participants can then take a 10-day break before repeating the procedure once again.

9. The Tapeworm Diet :

The tapeworm diet is the creepiest of all diets in our list. And unlike what the name might suggest, you are not supposed to eat tapeworms. Instead, you are supposed to do something much more freakish – you have to eat a capsule filled with tapeworm eggs. These eggs then hatch inside your intestine and the resulting worms will start eating the foods inside the body. Side effects include malnutrition, diarrhea, fever, infection, organ failure, tissue damage, and so on. And even though it might seem that the very idea of a tapeworm diet will keep anyone away from trying it out, the truth is that a few people have practiced the diet. And as expected, it turned out to be disastrous for them.

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