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5 Tips To Make Your Home More Welcoming

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Make Your Home More Welcoming

Having a welcoming home isn’t just great for your guests, it’s great for your family too. Everybody wants to come back to a home that feels warm, social, and comfortable.

To help you boost the welcoming vibes of your home, check out these 5 easy-to-follow tips;

1. Kerb Appeal

Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal is something that is often only considered when you sell a home. However, the way the front of your house looks is a huge part of how you feel about your own home, so it’s important to assess it even if you’re not selling up. Is it tidy? Do you love your front door? Are the windows clean? Is the garden nice? These are all important things to consider when it comes to your house and its kerb appeal.

2. The Way In

The Way In

Whether the front door opens straight into the living room, into a porch, or a hall, that area should feel welcoming. Often that can be done by making the space more convenient. A rack for shoes, coat hooks, and a key bowl are all easy, handy features to add to a hall. If you can, add a lick of paint and a pot plant or two for better aesthetics. That way, your entrance ticks the boxes for both functionality and visual appeal.

3. Space

Having a cluttered home is not only stressful, but it is a real barrier to different areas of the home. If you or your guests are having to move around clutter to get by, or avoiding certain seats because they have clutter on them, it’s time to declutter. Using economical self storage, your garage or shed for temporary storage, clear away items you don’t use, need or want anymore. Then at a later date sort them for selling, gifting, or throwing away. Holding them in cost-effective self storage means they remain secure until such a time you can deal with them easily. Once the house is successfully decluttered it will feel much more relaxed, open, and welcoming.

4. Smell


The smell of a home plays a large part in how it feels. Scents like bread baking, fresh flowers, and fresh laundry are known to be appealing to us. Smells like orange, jasmine, and vanilla are also great smells you can add yourself with a simple spritz of a homemade essential oil spray. A familiar smell you love can instantly evoke that feeling of home.

5. Hygge


It’s a bit of a fashionable term, but it still has a lot of depth. Hygge is about creating special moments at home. That can mean creating more social areas, cozy areas, or special relaxation nooks just for you. These inviting spaces are incredibly welcoming for you and any guests you have, encouraging those special moments that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

 Enjoy Your Welcome Home

Whether you feel more comfortable there yourself, or your friends notice a difference, with the tips above you can have a much more welcoming home

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