7 ways CBD oil can help you

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CBD oil

Everyone has their own endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for regulating the functioning of our immune system, mood, sleep cycle, or appetite. Lack of natural endocannabinoids in the human body can cause very unpleasant effects: insomnia, digestion problems, lack of appetite, or mood fluctuations. It has even been found that deficiency of endocannabinoids may cause anorexia or bulimia. Therefore, some doctors recommend prophylactic use of CBD cannabis oil.

This specificity can be used for many other diseases. I am writing ‘may’ because today we do not yet have adequate human research. However, it is worth quoting the most promising ones.

CBD oil can help you quit smoking

In a double-blind study conducted by scientists from the University of London, 24 smokers were given away inhalers – half of them containing CBD, half placebo. Participants were asked to use an inhaler when they wanted to smoke. After a week, participants with placebo inhalers did not notice any difference. Those smokers who received CBD inhalers smoked 40% fewer cigarettes.

It is also effective in the fight against pimples

The Journal of Clinical Investigation published a study according to which CBD did quite well in the fight against acne. Cannabis oil was applied directly to the sebaceous glands (just spread it on the face). This therapy proved that CBD cannabis oil is a highly effective sebostatic and anti-inflammatory agent, which boils down to the fact that it copes perfectly with acne removal.

It can help diabetics

Unfortunately, here the only official studies were carried out on mice. The administration of CBD to rodents that had diabetes but were not obese stopped the development of the disease. Cannabidiol did not have a direct effect on blood glucose levels, but prevented the secretion of IL-12 cytokine, thanks to which the immune system of the mouse was not weakened, which in turn inhibited the development of diabetes in 70% of mice treated with cannabis oil CBD.

CBD Combats stress and helps to fall asleep

A side effect of high doses of CBD cannabis oil is fatigue and drowsiness. It is usually an undesirable effect, but people suffering from insomnia think about it quite differently. In addition, sleeping medications received in laboratories have a much longer list of side effects.

At smaller doses, the feeling of fatigue is physically unnoticeable, but people who take CBD oil claim that it helps them cope with excessive stress – stress alone is not referred to as a disease, but excess stress can cause it. Again, it’s worth trying CBD before reaching for specifics with a longer list of side effects listed in the leaflet.

It treats drug-resistant epilepsy

The history of Charlotte Figi is already known all over the world. The girl was born with an exceptionally drug-resistant variety of epilepsy. Very strong drugs not only could not reduce the number of her seizures (several hundred per week), but also had a very negative impact on her mood (Charlotte was practically in lethargy). Only the therapy proposed by Joseph Stanley, who bred a cannabis strain containing high concentrations of CBD and traces of THC, especially for Charlotte, had an effect.

Charlotte now enjoys good health and spends time as a normal child. Her parents still can’t believe that the number of attacks has fallen to one per week. I write so much about it, because it still annoys me today, that a similar therapy, conducted in Poland by Dr. Marek Bachański, was interrupted.

It’s worth having it in your home medicine cabinet

Cannabis was used in medicine before we discovered such specifics as morphine, penicillin, and aspirin. They worked then, they work and now. Unfortunately, due to their psychoactive effects, the availability of cannabis in medicine has become a political issue, so we still do not have much research in today’s modern laboratories. This situation is slowly changing.

Medical cannabis is already legal in 28 US states and in countries such as Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Germany. Thanks to the fact that CBD is already legally available in Canada, you can buy CBD online, the products created on its basis are becoming more and more popular among doctors and, above all, patients.

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