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Sturdy and Spacious Shelving Unit for Storing Special Objects

author-img By laurenbracy 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Cupboards and cabinets are found in all domestic and commercial properties. These multi-purpose furniture items are excellent storage units. They can be used to store a variety of common or special objects. An organized person always strives to arrange books, vases, CDs, toys, and decorative pieces in any impeccable manner. The best shelving units are made of high-quality materials which give smooth surfaces to the units, and where various objects can be stored comfortably. There is a wide range of material options available for consumers to choose from. Have a look at some of them and see what the perfect option for your shelving unit is.

Shelving Unit

  1. Solid Timber – It is the best material for creating and installing strong and spacious shelves. The skilled handyman can cut the planks to size and give them a finish using polish or paint.
  2. Laminated Board – The fixed size softwood strips are glued together for a refined look. These independent fixtures can be smoothly finished using large amounts of fillers.
  3. Plywood – It is an economical option which is lightweight and easy to install. The surface defects or holes are filled with putty, and enamel paint finish can be used gives it a good color.
  4. Plain Chipboard – The un-laminated material is not very strong, but it has low price. The supporting shelves can only bear very light weight, and they sag very quickly.
  5. MDF – Medium density fibreboard is a toxic shelving sheet made of plastic laminate. The easily installed material is smooth, durable, and attractive.
  6. Glass – Pre-cut glass surfaces can be fixed to a frame using clips, brackets, and lips. The stunning and specially toughened material can hold lighter objects.
  7. Steel – Custom built metal racks are suitable for storing heavy volumes or bulky books. 

Beautiful Storage Units :

A beautiful and robust shelf adds decorative value to the alcove or a room corner. These shelving units can be installed against a wall using different methods. The carpenter or the self-helper must fix the display unit first, and then add finishing touches. Before they start working on it, they need to wear protective gear as the work involves drilling and sharp objects. The walls must be carefully checked for electrical wiring or plumbing works. All the necessary manual or automatic tools, fillers, nails, studs, etc., should be handy.

Bookshelves are the most common storage units that can be placed in any room. They can be built to stand free or fixed into a wall. The desirable high-quality features are listed here:

  • A utility room is an ideal spot for a painted and simple plywood shelving unit as it can be fixed quickly.
  • A well-decorated library shelf, on the other hand, is made of designer style hardwood.
  • Every shelving unit requires a perfect balance between look, strength, and utility.
  • The decorative quality of the unit depends on length, width, and thickness.
  • Another important criterion is to determine if the unit must be fixed or adjustable.
  • The type of wood and stored objects’ weight can lead to bending or sag in the future. 

Shelving Unit

Experts and Skills :

The difference between an amateur and an expert lies in skill and experience. A good handyman or wood worker knows how to create decorative furniture. They can build shelving units, tables, chairs, bureaus, chests, sideboards, and beds to perfection. In addition, the expert can also perform repair and renovation works without any delay or damage. Simplicity, elegance, and proportionality are the hallmarks of a trained carpenter. Other skills of experienced workers include drawing, cutting, and chipping, joining, and drilling.

The best wooden furniture makers are professional, and they have these additional traits –

  • They follow a disciplined and no-nonsense approach to creating storage products.
  • The worker is good at handcrafting versatile catches and latches for shelving units.
  • The basics of sizing, spacing, and construction are second nature to them.
  • The professional enjoys the labour and can style different types of cabinets with ease.
  • They explore modern designs and install long lasting furniture in an enjoyable manner.

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