Things To Look For In An iOS App Developer

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With the increasing trend of iPhone in the market, it’s no surprise why there is intense need of iPhone app developer. Users always seek for something intrusive, something better and being an iPhone app Development Company, coping up with fast-growing need is the only way of survival in the evolving app market. The popularity of iPhone have flourished all across the globe and this has given the app developers to take over the market with apps and that where the urge of IOS developers arise. Here are some of the criteria to go through while hiring an IOS app developer.

1. Check for Their Online Existence:

When you search for the candidates, your inbox will be flooded with plenty of resumes describing the experience with those technologies which you have never even heard of. It’s quite difficult to conclude whether you are hiring someone with experience or someone who actually possess the caliber to reach up to your demands or someone who can possess the adequate communication skills to intimate you regarding project status, user interface and any hurdles during the work. Online existence is the answer to all your queries. Developers accumulate tools which demonstrate their competence in the technical and non-technical field. To get a fair idea, go through their blogs, twitter profile and Githbug or any other shared code. You don’t have to get to the level of private investigation. You just need to run a check whether the code contributors or the blogs match up with the professional tone that you are in need of and their prescribed experience level and not contain any red flags.

2. Tool Test:

If it’s a fresh developer then he will be fond of every tool that comes his way including every language and platform. Whereas, on a contrary, an experienced developer will be carrying a complain bag about the cons. This is the basic human behavior when something is new, you love it but you don’t get it entirely. When you explore it to a specified level, you start coming up with its full stops and commas. Gradually you conquer the strength and starts experiencing its weakness and eventually, they start annoying you. This is how you know who is experienced and liable to be hired to fulfill your app expectations. Some general questions you should be asking to the developers are:

  •    How to change XCode interface?
  •    Limitations of Objective-C? Review of cocoa touch and Swift?
  •    Given a chance to be omnipotent for a day, what changes you will like to make in feedback and review process?

3. Learning Expertise:

Constant learning is a skill, each IOS developer should possess. Ask the developer to showcase his first app and ask about the challenges they faced. Then inquire as to how differently they work now, as compared to what they used to do in their initial stage. Also get to know what is the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies they use to stay updated with the emerging trends. Also, take their take on what were the troubles they come up with once the app was live.

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