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5 Strategies for Reducing Your Business Printing Costs

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read April 2, 2019

Business Printing

While printing and copying paper documents may be essential for running your business, you do not have to struggle with unnecessary printing costs. In addition to operational costs and overheads, your firm might be spending thousands of dollars a month. Therefore, why shouldn’t you consider saving some cash on printing?

However, this does not mean avoiding printing altogether; instead, it means making a couple of adjustments so printing and copying have a lower impact on the environment – and your bottom line. Below are a few strategies that will help reduce expenses on printing and copying.

Print to PDF

If you do not actually need that document in physical form, you have the option of retaining it in virtual form. Instead of printing to your physical printer, choose Print to PDF from the list of printers available on your Windows or Mac machine.

Virtual printing allows you to preserve the document according to its original format, save it and send it via email, or even store it in the cloud using services such as Google Drive. Printing to PDF offers you the option of keeping documents for record purposes and sharing it, without using paper, toner, or ink.

Use Both Sides

Duplex printing is an option available in just about all modern printers. This mode directs your printer to print both sides of your pages. Unfortunately, many businesses still prefer printing on one side.

By making duplex printing a default setting, it is easy to print in simplex format when required with a simple click. However, the typical printer user does not adjust printer settings, automatically consuming half as much paper. On average, your business is likely to realize a 15 percent reduction in printing costs with this fast settings change.

Upgrade Equipment

If you are still using old printers and copiers in your business, it is more than likely that you are using up a lot more of your time and energy. Newer models, such as those at  https://commonsensebusinesssolutions.com/new-color-copiers/, tend to be more efficient in regards to speed and power savings. Furthermore, this is the best time to upgrade to equipment that will improve all aspects of your business.

New printers and copiers help you realize faster printing and copying speeds that boost your workplace productivity. Best of all, your employees no longer have to sit around and wait for the old copier or printer to complete tasks.

Reduce the Use of Personal Printers

Consider consolidating your individual, smaller printing units to a few multifunction printers (MFPs) that can be shared within your office. The larger printers tend to be much more efficient than their much slighter cousins are. In addition, MFPs feature customizable features that allow easy maintenance and usage permission setting.

If Possible, Reuse and Recycle

Check with the printer vendor if there’s the availability of recycling your used up toner cartridges. Plus, you should check into the possibility of using reusable cartridges if they are available for your printer model.

Also, consider using recycled office paper whenever possible, instead of simply dumping them in your office garbage. If you are not currently recycling, it is time you consider implementing a paper-recycling program in your office. One of the best steps is starting with using recycled-content paper for all your printing jobs.


As shown above, your business can save plenty of money on both printing and copying costs. Implementing these strategies will also help reduce your organization’s carbon footprint in addition to reducing your operational costs. Lastly, consider investing in a high-quality, energy-efficient and a multi-functional printer capable of handling high-volume printing and copying tasks in a short time.

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