Presentations, as well as events such as seminars and conferences, are not complete without slideshows. However, not all slideshows are created equal. There are slideshows that can leave a presentation dull, and your audience bored. There are also slideshows that go well with your topic, but just manage to complement your verbal presentations.

If you want to create a great presentation, you can’t afford to have mediocre slides. You must level up your deck and event with the perfect PowerPoint companion, Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT).

The Key to Awesome PowerPoint Templates

Ever wonder how professional presenters are able to create great-looking slides and present effortlessly? While they may have spent hundreds of dollars and manpower hours working with designers, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it as they do. Even without breaking the bank, you can create similarly awesome presentations.

With the help of FPPT, you can create great-looking presentations without spending any dime. You can also have more time to organize and market your event, as well as practice your spoken presentation.

Coronavirus PowerPoint template

In fact, FPPT is completely free. You don’t have to pay to download any of its over 10,000 free PowerPoint templates and slide designs to wow your audience. You also don’t have to sign up for memberships or worry about hidden charges. You can download as many presentations that you need without having to pay for anything.

Easily Download Free Slideshows

The FPPT portal offers many ways for you to choose the best slideshow to suit your every topic or need.

By looking at the Categories, you can easily see the diverse collection of background and slideshow sets that the portal offers. There are hundreds of categories that range from highly specialized topics to generic ones you can reuse each time.

You can also view the collection of presentations according to topic or color scheme. You may choose templates according to color or through the most popular tags or keywords, such as business, abstract, white, or blue.

Customize the Slides to Match Your Branding

Once you’ve selected your template, you may then open it in PowerPoint and customize it. You can go to the Slide Master View and change the theme and color scheme. You can also change the layouts of the slide templates. You may also add your own blank slide and create your own layout and design.

With FPPT’s templates, there are many ways you can customize it, even add your own branding into the slides. There’s no need for you to download or learn a separate application because everything works seamlessly within PowerPoint.

Sport Car PowerPoint template

You may also use PowerPoint’s Design feature and create more dynamic-looking slides for presentations. You may also add animations and transitions.

Present Like a Pro with Slides

Aside from a wide range or PowerPoint presentation templates and backgrounds, there are also numerous resources for all kinds of presenters. You can check out the articles and blogs for tips and workarounds that you can use.

Whether you’re a beginner or already a pro at presenting, has something for you.

Find out how you can uplevel your presentations with by visiting the portal today.

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