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Types of Promotions that Could Attract Attention

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


It is not enough to sell quality products to attract attention. It is also essential for you to provide promotions and special deals. Given how challenging the economy is these days, most people prefer buying products that are worth their money or would give them something more than what they expect. These types of promotions would be enticing to a lot of people.

Percentage discount:

Even now, percentage discounts remain the most popular and effective type of promotion. When people see that you dropped the price of the same product, they will feel convinced to buy one. Make sure that you are truthful with the pricing since loyal customers will know if you dropped the price or you simply slapped on a percentage discount label, even if in reality you did not discount the price.

Buy one free one:

Another effective promotion is to buy one item and get another one for free. Usually, businesses increase the price of the first product to give the second one for free. Despite that, customers are still saving a lot of money. You can also alter the combinations like Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Determine how low you are willing to drop the price before using this promotional strategy.

Rewards card:

Another useful strategy is to give a rewards card. Each time that a customer buys a product you offer, they earn points. After reaching a certain number of points, they can exchange them for a discount on items, or freebies. It encourages them to keep coming back until they reach the required points. You could also come up with various point systems depending on the products bought or actions taken.

Online competitions:

To maximize the use of social media, you can also start a competition online. It could be anything exciting and will attract the attention of many people. The common contests include photography, essay writing, funny videos, and many others. Provide clear instructions and give people time to register and send their entries. Make sure that the rules are simple enough; otherwise, no one will take their time to do it.

Promotional merchandise:

You can choose from various items to give away for free. These include pens, shirts, mugs, key chains, stickers, and many others. The promotional merchandise is useful in advertising to your target audience and loyal customers. At the same time, you are also raising the awareness of those who are yet to try the products that you offer.

When giving free stuff to your loyal customers, they will feel that you are rewarding their loyalty. If you give it to potential customers, they might feel enticed to buy your products. When using the products that you gave them bearing the name and logo of your company, other people will see them. Hence, they will be curious about your company and the products you are selling.

Be smart and creative in using promotions as an advertising tool. You will be sacrificing some potential profits because of the reduced price and added expense. You need to get something in return by increasing your overall sales.

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