The media and entertainment industry is not simply limited to journalism or reporting but rather offers numerous exciting job roles. This blog will take you through some amazing careers in this field where you can get an early success and earn a good salary.

Here are 7 Career Options in Media and Entertainment Industry:

1. Film/Video Editor: 

Video Editor

Editors are equipped with an understanding of different film editing software programs and their working. They take raw footage and transform it into a finished product with the use of camera footage, dialogue, sound effect, graphics, and special effects. They are the people who work closely with producers and directors and give sequence to the storyline.

Jobs: Television Studio Editor, Film Editor, Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician, Multimedia Artist, etc.

2. Animation:

If you are interested in becoming an animator, you can pursue a career in this profession based on your choice of animation. Traditional animation also known as 2D is one of the older forms, in which the animator draws every frame to create the animation sequence just like they used to do in older days at Disney. But the most common form of animation today is the computer animation, motion graphics and stop motion where characters are moved on a 3D software. By using dedicated software for designing each type of animation, you can create a cartoon movie, animated logos, explainer videos, app commercials, television promos, or even film opening titles.

Jobs: Animation director, Character Animator, Modeller, Story Broad Artist, Keyframe Animator, Image Editor, Texture Artist, 2-D or 3-D animator, etc.

3. Writers: 


Writers choose a subject matter that interests readers and shape it into a storyline, instruction manual, article, or documentation. If you have the ability to explain complex concepts to a variety of different audiences persuasively then this career is for you. The job is highly creative and gives you the power to evoke people’s interest through your writing.

Jobs: Editor, Magazine Writer, Technical Writer, Fictional Writer, Storyteller, Editorial Assistant, Ghost Writer, etc.

4. Media production:  

This job includes everything from making motion pictures, television shows, videos, commercials, internet videos, or other programs provided to viewers through digital or social media. The job role requires project skills and team-leading ability to efficiently deliver the final product.

Jobs:  Associate Producer, Audio and Video Equipment Technician, Camera Operator, Line Producer, Motion Picture Set Worker, Photo Editor, Producer, etc.

5. Public Relations: 

As a PR industry expert, you get to bring media exposure to build beneficial business relationships between the organization and its audience. If you are enthusiastic about maintaining and building the image of your favourite brand or product then a career in PR might be the perfect fit for you. You can be a part of advertising agencies, public relations firms, or large companies with in-house communication teams. In this job role, you get to act as the face of the brand who executes interview requests, makes TV appearances, and responds to any criticism the company might face.

Jobs: PR specialist, copywriter, Publicist, Social media manager, Spokesperson, etc.

6. Blogging:


Blogging is simply putting out content to make money. Well, that sounds good but it’s not that simple as you need to create interesting content on a regular basis. You have to hook your audience to your blog so that they like your content. Companies often employ bloggers to engage their customers and build a stronger audience base.

Jobs: Freelance Writing Jobs, Travel Blogs, etc.

7. Sound Engineer: 

Sound engineers work in a variety of different environments to record, mix, and reproduce sound in the form of sound files. They also maintain recording equipment and give background music to still images.

Jobs: Studio Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Audio Post Engineer, Game & Audio Design Engineer, etc.

If you are interested in making a stable career in this lucrative and versatile industry then you can join media school and pursue an MBA in media and entertainment.

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