Top 10 Easy and Simple Traditional Arabic Mehndi Designs in 2019

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It is impossible to separate mehndi from the Arabic culture. You will note a high presence of these designs during all the holy or special occasions in the region. These designs have stayed within the culture of India for several decades. You can use them to beautify your hands and other parts of your body as you wish. However, there are hundreds of designs and choosing one of them can be challenging. You need something that is beautiful and also communicates the occasion. In this article, we will be looking at the Arabic mehndi design. You can choose any of them depending on the occasion you will be attending and your desired look. However, be keen to use an artist who understands his or her work well. You need a person who has a lot of experience in working with your preferred design. In the meantime, here is a list of top 10 easy and simple traditional Arabic mehndi designs in 2019. Any of them will serve you well especially if you are new to Mehndi designs.

Top 10 Arabic Mehndi Designs in 2019

1. Modern Mehndi Design

Modern Mehndi Design

The modern Mehndi design is quite different from what you normally see in weddings. In these designs, you have to expose some sections of your palm or hand. This style is quite different from what we have been seeing from the past. It gives it a unique and novel appearance which is the main differentiating factor from the traditional Arabic mehndi design. In this case, you have to keep a small section of your palm blank. The design that artists use in this case is highly detailed and quite small. You may not be able to achieve this objective unless you know what you are doing. Arabic mehndi design experts use floral and paisley motifs to decorate your hands. They also decorate your fingers with fine detailed work. It is a design that will stretch up to your wrist.

2. The Black Mughlai Mehndi Design

Black Mughlai Mehndi DesignSource

The black Mughlai Mehndi design is not only beautiful but also unique. You have to decorate the side of your palm and fingers with designs and leave all the other sections are. You need someone who understands how this design works well to help you in implementing it. Otherwise, you will not achieve the new look with the desired level of precision. The design makes use of traditional motifs but in a shape that is different to deliver a new style to it. This is one of the best Arabic mehndi designs.

3. The Feet Mehndi Designs

Feet Mehndi Designs


The feet are one of the greatest canvas for Arabic mehndi design. This foot mehndi design is an excellent option for individuals who adore their feet. It can allow you to create beautiful henna designs in your feet. The design has traditional motifs and floral and paisley motifs are utilized in various sizes and formats. It is good to view some of the beautiful designs online before choosing the one that you will adapt. You have to decorate the fingers using small intricate styles that are an excellent option for brides. You will get this design in most Arabic weddings.

One of the most common Arabic mehndi designs in the region is Paisley and floral motifs. You will get these designs in various shapes and forms in Mehndi designs within the culture. The center of the canvas in this design is the palm. If you have seen someone with Mehndi design in the hands, there is a high possibility that it is the Paisley and Floral Motifs. You also need to feel your fingers with intricate designs to achieve this style. It can take some time to calk it out but you can be sure of getting a great outcome. It makes you stand out from the crowd as long as you have the right expert working in it.

5. Light Arabic mehndi design

This is a Mehndi design that is not too dense. The number of people who use this design has been on the rise. You have to leave several sections on top of your hands and on the palm open to achieve this design. You should fill your fingers but make sure that the design does not clutter. You also have to decorate your palms with a single floral design. It presents a beautiful mehndi design that will give you one of the most beautiful looks you have ever thought about.

6. The Glitter and Colourful Feet Mehndi

and Colourful Feet Mehndi


We have already discussed the feet Mehndi designs above. However, this is an alternative approach that will give your feet an astonishing look. The Glitter and colorful feet Mehndi designs have increased significantly in popularity. You have to decorate this design with blue and pink glitter from the glitter tubes. The artist also uses glitter to decorate the open spaces. It is one of the perfect designs for brides.

7. A Conjunction of Floral, Leaf, Paisley and peacock Designpeacock Design


This is one of the best Arabic mehndi designs that you can choose from the available Mehndi designs. The design presents a full hand traditional mehndi style. The design begins from the fingertips and then extends all the way to the wrist. You have to leave some small spaces bare open to give it a modern and beautiful look.

8. Paisley and Floral Designs

These designs are quite large and consume a lot of space on your body. The design has a mirrored style that delivers a beautiful look on the hands. This design starts from the fingertips and stretches all the way to the mid hand. In this case, the designer will be decorating your fingers with designs that look like tree branches.

9. The Heavily Patterned Design

This Arabic mehndi design is the best for traditional events and weddings. It is a half-hand Mehndi that has a gorgeous look with open fingertips and intricate details. It is one of the most beautiful designs that you need to try out.

10. Small Beautiful Design

Beautiful Design

This Mehndi will present small but beautiful designs on your hands. It is a sure way of getting one of the best looks on your body. The artists decorate the fingers with various motifs such as floral designs, paisley, and leaf patterns. You will also get abstract geometric patterns in this design. All these Arabic mehndi designs are beautiful and you can try any of them.

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