Lime Crime recently expanded its company footprint with its expansion into the European beauty market. The company has expanded into London and expects to more than triple its growth in the global beauty market with the London expansion. The beauty company has established a follower base that has been called cult-like and that clientele has long since been clamoring for the unicorn beauty company to roll into the European market. The company is now a major player in Selfridges’ Beauty Hall, which is a prominent player in the European beauty market. The company has prided itself on being digital-first since it was established. Selfridges will offer short tours that will allow visitors to visit the company’s massive arsenal of creative and fun beauty products.

About Lime Crime


The company was founded in 2008 and it got its name from its original founder’s favorite color. Lime Crime has been known as being extremely non-traditional and has made major waves in the development of highly creative makeup brands and shades. Every single product in the line is extremely carefully crafted. The mascot of Lime Crime is a unicorn, which was chosen due to the mystical creature’s unique look and style. The company has always prided itself on being digital before all else. However, the company now has a strong presence from the United States, to London, to Singapore and it continues to grow year after year. The company’s vibe is both mystical and magical and offers the opportunity to be as creative as possible with your makeup style.

In addition to the company’s commitment to creativity, every single product is also vegan-friendly and completely cruelty-free; no product is ever tested on animals. The company is very well known for its highlighters, called Hi-Lites, such as the Opals palette, which features several gorgeous, shimmering shades of pink and gold that give the skin the appearance of a glow. The company also offers a line of silky, demi-matte Plushies that offer just a dash of luxurious color in several shades. The company’s line of Diamond Crushers is also extremely popular, especially with millennials. The Diamond Crushers are designed to top lipstick, but can also be worn separately. Plushies offer a gorgeous amount of spark that is perfect to add a bold look for a night on the town.

Tenegram Acquisition

Lime Crime was recently acquired by Tenegram Capital Partners, which marked a major milestone for the company that has seen massive growth since it was established and is now a household beauty name. Tenegram is a rapidly growing private equity firm that focuses exclusively on retail companies and has been courting the company for a while. In addition to becoming part of the Tenegram family, the former manager of Fresh, Stacy Panagakis, has now established herself as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Ms. Panagakis will bring with her years of experience in the beauty industry. She also has experience working at such global brands as Clinique and Origins Natural Resources. She is excited to join the company and is focused on maintaining the aspects of the company that appeals to millennials and the generation’s sense of creativity.

Tenegram was attracted to the company due to how unique the beauty products were. They appreciated how the products allowed people to be truly expressive through the use of makeup and hair products.

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