Maybe many girls have a habit of wearing eyeliner, which helps your eyes look bolder. One of the common ways used to make eyes more attractive is to apply eyeliner for the waterline. Sounds strange? The following article which shows the best way to apply eyeliner for waterline will help you.

1. Steps to apply the eyeliner for waterline :

Wash your face :

First, before applying makeup, you should wash your face to put the previous makeup layer off and ensure your skin fresh. This also keeps it healthy.

Wash your face

Place your head :

Your right head position can help you apply the eyeliner more easily. So, tilt your head down and use a mirror with moderate lighting.

Place your head

Apply a concealer :

Color corrector often called the concealer is a type of cosmetics. By using it, all large pores, age spots, dark circles, and other small blemishes visible on the skin can be masked and seem to disappear.

Some people confuse the foundation with concealer. However, concealer is known to be thicker, so it’s more effective to hide many pigments by blending into your surrounding skin tone.

The best way to apply eyeliner to the waterline is to use just a little of the concealer on your waterline. Here it does not have an effect of covering large pores or age spots. Instead, apply a concealer helps your eyeliner stay in place longer.

Apply a concealer

Dry your waterline :

To take this step, you should use a mirror, so that it is easier for you to see what you are doing.

Then, pull down the skin of your lower eyelid. Remember to do gently to make sure not to do harm to your eyes. Swipe the cotton swab along your lower eyelid. This helps to dry your waterline, which makes sure that your eyeliner sticks to your waterline.

Instead of pulling down, you can also quint by which the process of applying eyeliner is easier.

Dry your waterline

Apply eyeliner to waterline :

It is advised to take an eyeliner pencil which is a little sharp. By sweeping motions, rub your pencil along your lower eyelid. To avoid rubbing directly to your eyes, you need still to pull the lid down.

If you want to have the smoky-eye style, you can smudge your eyeliner. Use the smudging tool or your clean fingertips.

Remove all smudges :

To clean any smudges, you need some petroleum jelly or makeup remover. Continue using a cotton swab, then dip it in one of two types above. Be careful when running the swab along the waterline lashes. This aims to remove any smudges. In case your eyeliner is too heavy, this step will help you to thin it out.

Apply eye powder :

The best way to apply eyeliner for waterline is to find a way to set your eyeliner. To keep it in place, you are advised to apply the eye powder. Pick the eyeliner brush and dip it into eye powder. Do not forget to choose the same color as your lining. Gentle use your brush with eyeshadow above over your eyeliner.

To have a bolder look, you should repeat this step a few times. Another common way is applying a line in your upper waterline.

Apply eye powder

2. Tips to apply eyeliner for waterline :

Decide which style to use :

There are many styles such as smokey eyes, warm eyes,… you can apply to your eyes. First, consider what they look like. Then, start doing it.

Use the right eyeliner type :

An eyeliner pencil seems to be easier to control. A gel eyeliner accompanying with the brush is another choice. Choose which type of eyeliner you feel comfortable. But it is highly recommended to avoid liquid one due to its slippery features which are rather difficult to apply.

For the longer-lasting effect, use a waterproof one, because the eyeliner is close to your eyes.

A sharpened eyeliner pencil is good :

If you would like to use an eyeliner pencil, do not forget to sharpen it. Therefore, you can make sure that your pencil is clean and causes infection in your eyes.

Not just the pencil, the best way to apply eyeliner for waterline is to keep everything touching your eyes fresh. Eyeshadow, Eyelash curler, and cotton swab all are clean.

A sharpened eyeliner pencil is good

Curl your lashes : 

Sometimes your lashes can poke down into the makeup if it is not curled. Spend a little time to curl your eyelashes and your eyeliner can be kept in place longer.

So, do not forget this important tip. Especially, it is more helpful to who has naturally straight downward eyelashes.

It seems difficult to have the perfect eyeliner. But, be patient! The eyeliner has a great effect on your eyes which helps them bolder and more attractive. Hope that, with the useful information above, you can know the best way to apply eyeliner to the waterline

apply eyeliner for waterline infographic :


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