Side Effects of Different Kinds of Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery

Many people assume that when they get cosmetic surgery, that will be the final process that they have to be concerned with. In other words, they don’t necessarily consider that even with gentle cosmetic surgery, there can be potential side effects. Typically, the likelihood of these side effects is known in advance, which is why it’s important to do some research before you get cosmetic surgery, so you know what you may require as a follow-up.

In many cases, these side effects of cosmetic surgery are going to be visual and aesthetic. In other cases, they may get in the way of the functioning of your body. So, be sure to know what to look out for. In the case of a tummy tuck, there is a condition known as a dog ear that can happen. If you get breast reduction surgery, there can be specific visual side effects as your body heals. With dental surgery, the movement of your jaw can change, resulting in side effects. And, if you choose to do something like getting a lip enhancement, there are known side effects because different people are sensitive to injections of various types.

Dog Ears:

Especially after pregnancy, many women choose to get a tummy tuck so they can restructure their appearance back to what they looked like before pregnancy. After this tummy tuck, however, there is a side effect known as dog ears. It is quite common, and it is also a side effect that can be fixed with additional cosmetic surgery. It is difficult to tell in advance which women are more susceptible to the dog ear phenomenon, so talk to your surgeon in advance if you plan on getting a procedure done.

Breast Reduction Surgery:

Women who experience back pain will often get breast reduction surgery to help balance themselves out. Not only can this improve a person’s health overall because of the rebalancing of weight and center of gravity, but it also can make people feel better about their appearance depending on their self-image. However, it’s important to realize that there are side effects of breast reduction surgery. Because of the way that incisions are made and various tools and techniques are used, there can be scarring that women have to deal with semi-permanently or permanently.

Dental Surgery:

These days, many people are choosing to get dental surgery. Who wouldn’t want a more beautiful smile or better-looking teeth? After the surgery though, there can be some complications. If your new teeth or implants are distinctly different than your old ones in terms of shape or size, it can create a difference in how you chew and how your jaw works. You will have to relearn the motions to eat effectively.

Lip  Enhancement:

While lip enhancement as a form of plastic surgery procedure is perhaps the most common of all, it also enjoys the notoriety of being the most botched up one. There are so many things that can go wrong when you undergo a lip enhancement procedure from an inexperienced professional. If you are someone that is looking to get this procedure done, you should only get it done from expert centers like Polaris plastic surgery.

Some people view plump lips as very attractive. That means that at some point in their lives, these same people may try lip injections to give them this look. In a majority of cases, the effect is subtle, and there are no issues. However, you don’t have to look too far to see instances where lip enhancement has gone wrong. If someone overdoes the effect, or potentially has an allergic reaction to the injections, it can be a tragic event.

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