Seeking DUI Lawyers Near Me: 3 Steps to Follow

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DUI Lawyers Near Me

You can access several tools and resources when seeking a local DUI attorney. This may be a hard time for you, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. With these 3 simple steps, you’ll find an experienced, reputable, and knowledgeable DUI lawyer in no time.

According to a leading Scottsdale DUI Attorney, such legal cases and convictions should be taken up seriously. Working with the right legal attorney can help you protect yourself against serious convictions. You can reduce the sentencing, fines as well as get your DUI case dismissed if you have the most experienced legal expert arguing your case.

Looking for DUI lawyers near me, begin with 3 steps to make an informed decision:

1. Obtain a Referral

Obtain a Referral

Your first step in the process of getting an attorney is to get a referral or recommendation.

Getting a Personal Recommendation

Begin your search by asking for recommendations from individuals you trust. It’s generally better to get a referral from someone who has previously used an attorney’s services. A trustworthy friend or colleague may provide you with valuable information regarding the process.

For example, he or she can tell you how the attorney performed, the verdict, and how much it cost. Keep in mind that each case is different, so results may vary.

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Obtain a Referral from a Lawyer

Besides friends or colleagues, you can also get a recommendation from a lawyer you may have used in another legal matter. For example, an attorney you used in a bankruptcy case may be able to refer you to a lawyer who practices DUI or criminal defense.

Conduct a Private Search for DUI Lawyers Near Me

In some instances, you may be embarrassed about asking another person to suggest an attorney. After all, if you are charged with a DUI, it can affect you personally and professionally. You may want to ask, “What directories can I access that will list DUI lawyers near me?” In this case, you can refer to the following

  • The National College of DUI Defense has a director of attorneys that specialize in DUI defense cases.
  • The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (or NACDL) has a directory covering attorneys nationwide that offer criminal defense services.
  • Your State Bar Association also provides information about DUI

Once you create a list of attorneys, you can go to their website or contact them by phone to learn more about their services.

2. Choose the Best Attorney for Your Case

2. Choose the Best Attorney for Your Case

After you conduct a preliminary investigation of attorneys, you should consider their qualifications. You need to know the following:

  • The lawyer’s educational background
  • His or her specializations
  • Their standing with the State Bar Association

Make sure you hire an attorney who is licensed who can represent you in your state. He or she will be familiar with the courts, prosecutors, and judges. If the lawyer is well-respected legally and judicially, it can mean a better outcome or even a dismissal of your case.

When researching DUI attorneys, you should also look into their history with respect to their State Bar standing. Make sure you stay clear of any attorney that has faced disciplinary actions in the past. You can find this information on the State Bar website. Don’t hire a lawyer who has had problems with malpractice.

The attorney you finally select should also have DUI training and experience. Preferably, he or she should have extensive knowledge of DUI cases. While a criminal defense attorney may take on various criminal cases, an attorney that deals solely with DUI may be a better choice. He or she will typically have a deeper understanding of DUI laws.

Knowing where an attorney attended law school is helpful as the best legal schools are American Bar Association (ABA) accredited. However, don’t allow this information to sway you away from an attorney who has excelled in his or her practice. Some of the best DUI attorneys have not gone to a notable or prestigious law school. Focus on the attorney’s record in defending DUI clients.

During your search, review the LinkedIn Profile of the attorneys you are interested in hiring. This will give you a better idea of their work history and provide you with peer reviews.

After you choose an attorney, you can set up an in-person consultation. To make sure you get the most out of your appointment, gather all the information you will need.

3. Discuss Your Case and Get Started

3. Discuss Your Case and Get Started

When you discuss your DUI case, your initial consultation is usually free. Therefore, you need to make sure you have all the details of the case. Bring a copy of the police report and give your attorney full information about what took place. When you schedule a meeting, you usually will sign a fee agreement. Your attorney will collect the fee upfront so they can start working on your case.

This is important, as your legal advisor can begin filing the proper court paperwork, including a formal notice that they will represent you and provide notice of defenses on your behalf.

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