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Security Guards vs Security Surveillance Cameras for Your Business

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Security Guards vs Security Surveillance Cameras

The technological advances in surveillance cameras are remarkable. The cameras can provide clear images for the police to be able to identify the perpetrators of most crimes. However, surveillance cameras have limited capability when it comes to providing the ultimate solution for security.

Surveillance cameras are perfect in some applications such as monitoring the city or town streets where the camera operator can identify immediate problems and report the problems to the police or other emergency services as needed.

Perpetrators of serious crimes such as burglary and robbery have an effective and cheap countermeasure to prevent identification through surveillance cameras – it’s a mask!  If the camera is unable to pick up the facial features of the criminal or the registration number of the vehicle used in the crime, then the camera is almost useless. Keep in my mind that buildings utilizing surveillance cameras are only using timeline recording devices and not a manned service that can intervene in criminal activities.

The perfect solution:

Surveillance cameras combined with an onsite guard or guards provide the perfect security protection for a business. Whereas all cameras are not made equal, the security service offered by a professional security service company can be relied upon to provide the best security available for your business’ needs. With professionally trained and well-presented security guards, your business will have the edge over your competitors.

Giving your visiting customers a secure facility in which to transact their business negotiations will ultimately pay dividends for the company for many years. Using security services Oxford experts provide will not only secure your establishment from potential intruders and uninvited guests, but it will give your business an overall professional feeling. Your clients will recognize that the management of your business is serious and cares about the staff and company property.

The potential cost of vandalism:

Not all criminals are hardened masterminds of crime. A lot of crimes are petty and committed by the younger age group that claims the act of vandalism is associated with boredom. Well, that boredom costs businesses and insurance companies millions of pounds every year, resulting in higher business insurance premiums.

By partnering with a professional security firm you will find these services can be surprisingly cost effective when you consider the increased burden of insurance premiums due to acts of criminal intent on your business facility.

Providing security at the right place at the right time:

An accredited security service provides service in line with the expectations of the customers for building and staff protection. The services are designed to be economical while giving the customer peace of mind.

Security expectations being met:

Having professional and highly trained staff is the envy of many security companies that employ less capable staff. Professional security companies provide advice on where protection and security are important for the business and where security can be relaxed. This is the reason why fully accredited security companies can offer affordable security packages that match the customer’s expectations and budget.

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