How To Set Up a Silent Alarm and Always Be Protected

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Silent Alarm

Alarms are usually thought of as loud, making them a great audio deterrent to someone breaking into a property or perhaps saving yourself from an attack. The loudness of the alarm also serves to warn others you’re in danger or under attack and encourages them to intervene.

Unfortunately, this is no longer as likely as it has been. People have become desensitized to alarms. There is always a car alarm, building alarm, or even a fire alarm going off. In most cases, it is nothing more than a nuisance, which means people don’t react when it could be more serious.

In short, audio alarms still have their place but a silent alarm, such as these great duress alarms, is a much better solution.

How The Silent Alarm Works

How The Silent Alarm Works


Silent alarms are designed to help capture burglars in the act. This is because they can be set off and the criminal doesn’t know an alarm is going. This allows the police to get to the scene and deal with them.

But, silent alarms aren’t just for break-ins and criminal acts. They can also be life-savers. When a person is working by themselves there is no one to confirm they are okay if anything goes wrong.

This could be a hassle from a nearby community, an attack, or simply a fall or other injury while doing their job. If no one is near them then the alarm won’t be sounded and it could be a long time before they are found.

That can make a big difference to the injury and even survival rates.

A silent alarm can be set off instead. This type of silent alarm will be attached to the person. A simple tap will send a distress call that will alert the monitoring station. They can then send the relevant resources to assist.

The silent alarm can also be set to activate if the heart rate of the person drops below a certain level, if they don’t move for a set period of time, or if the monitor detects they have fallen.

Again, the alarm sends a silent signal to the central control office to ensure help is on the way.

This type of alarm can also be used as a communicator, allowing the office to speak to the person if they are conscious.

Setting Up Your Silent Alarm

Setting Up Your Silent Alarm

The majority of the work will be done by the specialist company. You will need software loaded onto your computer system. All the silent alarms are then remotely linked to this. They are usually connected via mobile phone signal although wireless networks can also be used.

Once they are set up you can test them to ensure the signal confirms GPS coordinates and you’ll have to decide whether it automatically contacts emergency services or if that is something you do after the alarm has been sounded.

A good alarm offers protection for individuals and lone workers, allowing people to focus on what they are doing while being fully protected.

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