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How To Create a Relaxing Tea Routine That Actually Works for You?

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Relaxing Tea Routine

Are you underestimating the power of a relaxing tea routine? Here’s how you can adopt a simple after-work tea routine that will transform your life for the better

Not many of us have the kind of job or lifestyle that allows us to return home at the end of a long day completely free of stress.

And even when we deeply love what we do, stress is often just an unavoidable part of the day.

Stress can destroy our health

Stress can destroy our health

Stress is the real physical tension that takes hold of our bodies when we are faced with unsettling, overwhelming, or nerve-wracking situations.

And as uncomfortable as it may be, stress is completely natural. In a sense, to stress is to be human. But too much stress and stress can take a massive toll on our health, ultimately impacting things like mental health, heart health, sleep cycles, metabolism, and more.

Stress is something that society really needs to learn how to cope with in healthier ways.

Sometimes the best option for combating stress is to adopt small steps that lead to the adoption of lifelong healthy habits. Sitting down after work and sipping a warm cup of tea is a great first step to making relaxation a more important part of your life, but of course, making this a regular part of your routine can be difficult.

If you don’t go about, it in the right way, that is. Creating a relaxing tea routine that you enjoy is the key to success here.

How to create a dreamy and relaxing tea routine worthy of shaking off even the most stressful workdays

How to create a dreamy and relaxing tea routine worthy of shaking off even the most stressful workdays

1. Turn the distractions off

First and foremost, you’ve got to turn off all the outside stressors that follow you home after a day of work.

Texts, emails, and social media are all things that can elevate your stress levels without you even realizing it. Allowing yourself to be present and not distracted by these things is an important first step in truly unwinding.

2. Set the mood

Once you’re sure you won’t be bothered by any outside distractions, the next step is to set the mood.

Creating an environment that brings you peace can make a huge difference! Put on your favorite kind of music, maybe light some candles, whatever it is that soothes your soul, make it happen.

Some people might also find the act of tidying up or decluttering to be especially helpful. And it’s true that a clean space can help our minds relax just a bit easier.

3. Pour a steamy cup of relaxing tea

Once you’ve created a peaceful space for yourself, it’s time for a relaxing tea, and it might be more beneficial to opt for a caffeine-free wellness tea.

The act of sipping tea is a pleasurable experience. It stimulates the senses – the warm cup, the rich earthy scents, the smooth flavor, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re treating your body to an array of vitamins and herbs, is such a uniquely relaxing experience.

Grab your favorite mug, boil some water and let the herbs, spices, and aromas mix together to form a blend of mouth-watering goodness. And between each sip, breathe, and try to be mindful and present.

4. Focus on your needs

Look within. What is it that you’re needing now? Not every day is the same, and your “you time” should reflect that. If your day was particularly unstimulating, maybe you’re in need of mind-engaging activity, like reading a good book or doing some light painting. Or, if your day left you rather brain-dead, it’s also fine to do nothing but get in a cozy position, sip some relaxing tea and do nothing at all.

Giving yourself options can be helpful when it comes to enjoying a routine which will then make it that much easier to stick with it.

A friendly reminder

It can be easy to feel almost guilty for letting yourself relax after a long day. But it’s important to fight that feeling. With time, setting aside time for a cup of relaxing tea and “you time” won’t feel so unnatural.

And when that day comes, dealing with learning to handle stress levels will eventually start to benefit your whole life. All the way from your health to your personal relationships, to the relationship that you have with yourself.

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