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Unique Ways for College Students Make Money Online on Social Media

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

College Students Make Money Online on Social Media

Have so much spare time these days because of the pandemic? Missing your school works and your college friends? These trying times could be really boring and even depressing but it’s not too late to turn your world around through learning how college students make money online on social media!

We know what you’re thinking: Great. Another article out of the thousands talking about how to make money under the table on the internet!

Well, you’re correct, but aren’t we all in need of some ways on how to make money under the table?

The truth is, even though there are already lots of articles written about how college students make money online social media, there is still so much more to share! Here are some ways on how you can make money under the table while waiting for your online classes:

Here are Unique Ways for College Students Make Money Online on Social Media:

1. Start a meme page!

meme page

Before you give us a frown, read first. There is money in memes! Actually, there is so much money in memes! Admit it, you are one of those people wasting so much time on the internet just by clicking through memes. You’re not alone because we all are! This is why a meme page is a very lucrative avenue on how to make money under the table.

Remember Salt Bae? His real name is Nusret Gökçe. You might think that he’s just an ordinary man cooking steak in his backyard but in reality, he owns a successful chain of steakhouses named Nusr-Et. Though his business is already famous in Turkey, it galloped to worldwide stardom because of the owner’s Salt Bae meme! The meme was a screenshot from Nusret’s video that was supposed to showcase his awesome knife skills, but lo and behold, the internet world found a meme-worthy clip when he added salt to his steak! Aside from Salt Bae, there is Kombucha Girl, Disaster Girl, Bad Luck Brian, and plenty of other people who are already making some bucks out of their internet popularity.

The thing is, the internet community is really head-over-heels about memes. And we should make the most out of it if we’re thinking about earning money with affiliate marketing. Even though you can’t stage a meme-worthy moment, you can always make use of existing memes and contextualize them in weird yet relatable situations. Remember that the secret to meme success is its connection to people. Even though you have a very funny meme yet people don’t find it relatable, you won’t gain the desired number of shares and interactions.

Once you have already built a following for your funny and relatable memes, advertisers would already come knocking on your doors. They would pay for hundreds or thousands of dollars just to be placed on one of your memes. And the best thing about it? You won’t even need money capital for this as it works on organic posting more than ad placements. You won’t even need photoshop skills! All you need is the generic Paint application, a dose of creativity, and see your page getting optimized just for being relatable.
And who wouldn’t want to earn money while making people happy?

2. Online Shopping with a Twist- Paypal Earning Sites!

Paypal Earning

While it could be a bit difficult for college students to score a credit card to be used for various online money-making activities, it only takes a minute or less to create a Paypal account. And guess what, there are various ways on how you can make money online Paypal fast. In fact, some of these sites would actually pay you to shop!

Yes, you read that right, some Paypal earning sites will pay you to shop!

If you don’t believe us then go check out Ibotta. Ibotta is an online shop that sells groceries and beauty products online. Once you check out from them, you’ll instantly get a money rebate! Rebates start from $0.25 to $20 depending on your check out. And once you get the minimum check out the amount of $20, you can send it directly to your Paypal account!

Aside from Ibotta, there are other money-making stores online which you can try. Check out ShopKick, Mobee App, and Receipt Hog, their rebates range from $0.25 to a whopping $50!

So if you and your friends are eyeing some beauty products online, try Ibotta and make the most out of your rebates. Aside from that, this pandemic has temporarily closed down most grocery stores. So why don’t you help your flatmates and neighbors with their online grocery shopping and get paid through rebates while doing so!

3. Unlock “The Disney Vault”!

Now, brace yourselves since this one will give you the most money out of the options here on the list!

If you’re a die-hard Disney baby, The Disney Vault is your nightmare. But if you’re someone who wants to know how to make money under the table, The Disney Vault is a treasure chest for you!

But you might wonder, what is The Disney Vault?

While you might think that Disney is one company that does everything to convert its products into sales, from the newly released online streaming site known as Disney+, to international theme parks, and to merchandises, Disney just won’t stop getting our money!

But the thing is, while they offer so many collectibles for some of their films, they lock some of their classics away from their loyal patrons!

16 Disney Classics such as the original animated versions of Snow White, Pinocchio, Bambi, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King are locked inside The Disney Vault. You can only buy their blu-ray DVD versions every 10 years! And once you miss them out you have to wait for an entire decade just to have them!
Weird, isn’t it? But not really. If you think about it, Disney surely knows the meaning of the word “Classic” and they know how to increase the value of their films.

So how can you make money out of it? Simple. Wait for The Disney Vault to release the blu-ray DVD of the featured film then buy as much as you can! While they will be sold at a regular price of $25-$35, you can sell them from $50 to $500 depending on the timeframe! And believe us, you will never run out of a mega Disney fan that will buy a blu-ray version of The Little Mermaid for a whopping $100 or more!

The key to acing this Disney Vault business is mastering your time. Make sure that you will sell your blu-ray DVDs in social media at a certain time that is far enough both from its last and next opening!

While this method on how college students make money online on social media will require a money capital, its income turnout is the biggest among the other ones on the list!

4. Sit Down and Take Surveys!


This is another way on how to make money online Paypal fast. However, if you have time to spare and would like to earn more than rebates, then why don’t you sit down and take some surveys!

As the internet keeps on growing each day, so is its need for data. Numerous eCommerce sites would actually pay people just to get raw data on how they can improve their online marketing!

One of these Paypal earning sites that would let you earn income by taking surveys online is Swagbucks.

You might think that it’s yet another clickbait website. But not really!

Swagbucks won’t be featured in Buzzfeed, ABC News, and even The Huffington Post if not for its good reputation! The good thing about Swagbucks is that you have the liberty to determine your rewards. If you’re not that short of money and would like some free stuff instead (which we think is equally awesome!) you could opt to convert your rewards into Walmart and Amazon Gift Cards. But if you really want some extra cash, then you can easily cash out through Paypal.

Aside from Swagbucks, you can also try Opinion Post, PrizeRebel, MintVine, PineCone Research, Inbox Dollars, and CashCrate. Their surveys range from academic ones in which you’re going to be the respondents of people going through their theses and dissertations to marketing ones in which you’ll be asked if a set of ads are appealing to you. Either way, you don’t really have to be a know-it-all when taking online surveys, you just have to be patient and hardworking, because the key in making money through PayPal earning sites and online surveys are making multiple accounts!

5. Be a Social Media Influencer!

Social Media Influencer

While this might be the hardest one on the list especially compared to other make money online Paypal fast options, this one offers an actual career.

The other options might give you money instantly but being a social media influencer can open so many doors for you. Just look at the careers of Jeffree Star and James Charles who both have released their own business with the help of their Youtube channel. That could be you, too!

See? Instead of slacking around this pandemic, there are actually a lot of ways in how college students make money online on social media. Don’t miss this opportunity and do it now because the next thing you know, you might be swimming through an ocean of school works already!

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