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Reasons Your Modern Bedroom Needs a Platform Bed

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Modern Bedroom

There are so many bed frame options on the market that anyone can get confused which one to choose. If you ask our opinion, we will suggest platform beds! But, we know telling only the name is not sufficient. As a prudent buyer, you’ll need to know the reasons behind the suggestion. And, we will happily provide you the reasons for suggesting platform beds. These bed frames are recently gaining popularity and there are solid reasons behind this. Without any further ado, let us tell you the reasons that make platform beds a perfect choice for almost any bedroom.

Makes your place look bigger :

Most of the platform bed frames are designed to sit low on the ground. There’s no box spring in platform beds and so the mattress is closer to the floor as compared to other bed frames. Your bedroom looks more spacious when it is equipped with such low height bed. Today, most of us live in apartment flats where rooms are not very large in size. So, a platform bed can be the best piece of furniture to add to your small bedroom to make it appear bigger.

You have huge varieties to choose from :

In a modern home a bed is not only a piece of furniture, where you get your night’s sleep; it also is an important part of the interior decor of the bedroom. So, you need a bed frame that compliments with your interior decoration. And, platform beds are one of the best choices when it comes to style and sophistication. You can find innumerable varieties of platform beds. This ensures that you’ll get a platform bed design to suit your interior decor regardless of the style of your home. You can check this article about The 10 Best Platform Beds for 2018 to get an idea about the wide varieties of platform beds available in the market.

Easy to lift and move :

There are many of us who likes to keep changing the looks of our rooms by shifting furniture from here to there. Many of us who are tenants need to shift from one flat to other frequently, too need lightweight furniture. For both the conditions, a platform bed is an appropriate choice. There’s no box spring to make the platform bed bulky. This means you can easily shift your bed frame from one place to another yourself.

Durable and long lasting :

The coils of box-spring loses and sags over time. But, this is not the case with platform beds that are equipped with strong slats to hold the combined weight of mattress and people. Unlike the bed frames with box-spring, the platform beds last for decades without needing repairs for damages. You can re-paint and polish the external frame of the platform bed to give it a new look as per your changing taste. It is the durability due to which you get better resale value for a platform bed than any bed frame with box-spring. So, you can use your platform bed for as many years as you want and when you wish you can sell them on second-hand to someone else.

Adaptable to almost any budget :

As discussed earlier, the platform beds come in innumerable designs and style. You can get custom platform bed to suit almost any budget. If you are on tight budget, you can get the inexpensive design of the bed and if you are ready to pay a good sum you can get a high-end product. Here you must note that having the inexpensive platform bed doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on strength and durability. The price can vary depending on manufacturer and the material used too. Choose a reliable brand with a reputation for good material and beautiful design and you’ll get a quality product even on your low budget. When you are getting your bed frame custom made according to your need, make sure to check the slats and the connectors to see if they are strong enough.

Under bed storage space :

A platform bed does not have to support box-spring; this leaves it with more under bed storage space. Some readymade platform beds come with inbuilt drawers. Even if there’s no inbuilt drawer, you can get it made as there’s always under bed space in platform beds that can be utilized to create drawers for storing things. With your platform bed, you can keep your bedroom clutter-free.

Now you know why the platform beds are gaining popularity. So, what’s your opinion after reading this? Which bed will you like to buy for your sweet bedroom?

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