Proper Home Care and Safety Tips for Elders

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Home Care

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of senior citizens that prefer to live independently or with their loved ones. Although it feels great that they get to spend much time with their family, it is crucial always to find ways to keep them safe from harm, especially when they are left all alone in the house. Here are some home care and safety tips that everyone living with senior parents and relatives should be aware of.

Secure your property:

If most people living in your home have gone to work or school during the daytime, then chances are it is only your senior relative who is left at home for the rest of the day. Prevent them from wandering off into the streets or getting hit by a speeding vehicle by installing fences and iron gates around your property. Elders are also vulnerable against thieves who can enter your property any time of the day and take all of your essential stuff and, worse, hurt them.

Install grab bars and safety rails:

Your senior loved ones are not as strong as before, and many of them have difficulty walking on their own. Despite their condition, they still want to be mobile and independent as much as possible. By installing grab bars, they can do things on their own like taking a bath, preparing simple meals and doing their daily routine without the fear of suffering from a bad fall that can lead to severe injuries such as broken bones or hips.

Do not forget to give them adequate lighting:

Proper lighting inside the home could make a significant difference in the safety and comfort of the senior living at home. Make time to check out all the light bulbs and replace dark incandescent bulbs with LED or fluorescent lighting to make sure that they can clearly see what they are doing. Also, even if they insist, do not allow them to step up a ladder and change the bulb by themselves. This can cause them to lose their balance causing severe injury, so it is better that you take charge of changing any bulbs yourself.

Modify the bathroom for safety purposes:

The bathroom is one of the scariest and dangerous places for seniors at home. They are prone to slipping and getting burnt, especially if left unsupervised. The best thing to do is to install a couple of grab bars beside the toilet bowl and bathtub so they can quickly grab it to avoid losing their balance. Taps, including hot water, should have proper markings to prevent accidental burns. Do not forget to add anti-slip mats and keep the light on 24/7 so that seniors will not have a hard time using the bathroom.

Lastly, do not forget to keep the kitchen safe for seniors by making sure to clean the refrigerator to avoid feeding them with expired food that can cause food poisoning. Do not forget to keep sharp knives and bladed equipment away from their reach.

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