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The purpose of using MS Excel Assessment for hiring

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MS Excel Assessment for hiring

In the world of digitalization, you can’t expect to have a person who hardly has any knowledge of computers. You of course need to choose a person who holds years of experience and good information on how to operate a computer, do emailing and create the reports and records that can be used in future. However, most of the people are still not aware on how to analyse if the person you are planning to hire is a worth candidate or not. The process is quite simple and all you need to do is come up with the assessment solution which would give you quick and accurate results of the candidate and tells you how the analysis that you have received can be used in a right manner.

The reason behind conducting MS Excel Assessment:

If you are in the hiring position then of course, you need to have a good understanding on whether the candidate is good in Microsoft Excel. With the help of MS Excel assessment test, you get the right candidate who can actually help you with entire excel working condition. Such test is fast and efficient and helps you understand if the person you are planning to hire can smarter decision for the company or not. Generally such type of excel assessment is an interactive one that gives you better insight of the person’s behavioural trait at the same time better gives you a clear viewpoint on whether the person holds years of knowledge and experience in this field or not.

What does the assessment includes:

Excel is all about understanding the formulas, using it for recording purpose, doing accurate accountancy and so on. Such assessment will give you viewpoint on some of the challenging scenarios which a person would be able to solve with the help of excel program. The assessment will ask the applicant to perform certain task that includes tool bar, menus, and shortcut keys to name a few. Each of the spread sheets will have nearly 35 questions which a person is expected to solve. It covers topics such as:

  • Charts & Graphs
  • Formatting
  • Formulas
  • Functions

You don’t have to worry about the result since you get it quickly on your PC. But again the levels of assessment will vary as per the job profile of the person. Thus you need to first be clear on whether the person is a fresher or experienced as the skill level be assessed in three categories which are intermediate, beginning and advanced. Such type of test also can be conducted along with other test such as Outlook test and PowerPoint test since they are also used on a large scale in a company.

While making any kind of hiring decision, make sure you take every step wisely. However, you need to be clear with what solution are you planning to offer to the customers and accordingly hire the employees who will be able to work on the services. But compute knowledge is something that every candidate needs to have and for this assessment is must.

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