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Using A Professional Voice Artist To Improve Corporate Videos

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read June 3, 2022

Professional Voice Artist

Description – If you’re making a corporate video a professional voice artist is a great idea so that your voiceover is of exceptional quality, and your video is polished.

Creating a corporate video is something that is more important than ever before when it comes to sales, marketing, and promotion.

Video content is something that is seeing a huge rise in popularity ahead of written content and materials. Statistics support this fact, too, including figures such as:

  • Video on a landing page increases conversion by nearly 90%
  • Nearly 70% of people prefer video instead of text when learning about services or products
  • Over 90% of marketers have recognized that since the Covid-19 pandemic, video content has become essential for branding materials
  • Over 90% of consumers watch more videos since the Covid-19 pandemic

These figures are just a drop in the ocean, too, as video continues to become a leading method of reaching clients and consumers when it comes to marketing.

Of course, video is also used to help with company e-learning, PR, safety presentations, and announcements too. Again, though, it’s much more effective than text because as a global community, we are becoming much more visual in how we digest content overall.

When it comes to offering corporate video content, it is essential that the end result is of exceptional quality. There is no room for brand damage, miscommunication, or a low-quality finish.

One great way to add more professionalism, information, accessibility, and quality is to hire a professional voice artist to add a narrative or voiceover. Realistically, it’s a strong tool all corporations should consider if they want to boost the impact of corporate video material.

Why Add A Voiceover To A Corporate Video

Voiceovers can offer a multitude of benefits to a corporate video, including:

1. Depth

A professional voice artist will not simply read a script, they will perform it. This depth to what is being said can be highly impactful, driving home your video message and helping engage your viewers.

This is especially true when it comes to the relatability of the video. A human voice is known to be preferable to us ahead of AI voices. A human voiceover is also able to put across emotion and meaning more than AI voices currently can.

To further that, if a voice artist with the right accent is used, the viewer is able to connect further. For example; a Yorkshire accent is thought to be the most trustworthy accent in the UK. So, if you want that kind of element to your video you could choose a Yorkshire accent for your voiceover.

2. Understanding

A narrative or voiceover boosts the understanding of the message you are putting forward. This is useful if you want to build on great visuals.

3. Brand Loyalty

Adding the kind of polish a voice artist adds to a corporate video will boost the overall receipt of your content. It brings a level of professionalism, care, and finish that will ultimately boost brand loyalty.

4. Ability To Offer Additional Languages

When you create voice layering on a corporate video you make it much easier to offer additional language options for those videos to accommodate viewers who speak different languages.

This could be in the form of a foreign language voiceover or subtitling. This also makes the video accessible to the 11 million people in the UK with hearing loss, and the many people who choose to view videos without sound, usually whilst they are out in public on their phones.

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How To Ensure Your Corporate Video Voice Over Is Exceptional

Is it possible to add an AI voiceover or a quickly made in-house voiceover to a corporate video? Yes. It’s a low-cost option that will give you some kind of narration or similar effect. However, realistically, it is not a good idea to opt for the cheapest or quickest option.

The same level of care you applied to your content planning and creation has to be applied to this finishing touch. In fact, using the wrong option for a voiceover could result in brand damage and in the entire project being unsuccessful.

Instead, opting for a high-quality voice artist service is a great idea. There are many different benefits that come from doing this, including:

  • Professional voice actors are trained to get the recordings done as quickly as possible
  • The recordings will be done in a professional recording studio operated by experienced engineers, creating exceptional results
  • You can choose the voice actor with the tone and accent you prefer, to meet the tone of your video
  • You can create subtitles with the same professional voiceover company
  • You can add multiple language voiceovers to reach even more clients, customers, or employees
  • The pronunciation of the script will be crisp, clear, and emotive because of the performance of a professional

It may cost more than trying to do it yourself, but the fact is the results will speak for themselves. This is a video feature that can only add to your production in the end, potentially enhancing its impact, effectiveness, and receipt.

It’s Time You Invested In An Exceptional Voice Artist For Your Corporate Video Production

It’s essential to ensure the cost, time, and energy involved in creating a great corporate video is reflected in its flawless finish. A fantastic voice artist can add the kind of finish necessary to not only give the production a professional edge but to enhance the communication, energy, emotion, and accessibility of the information you are providing.


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