Porsche had always made sleek-looking cars. But it was not only the looks that made it a cult favorite. The Porsche 911 996 is an example of that.

There was an air-cooled Carrera before the Porsche 911. But compared to the predecessor, the new Porsche 911 was quicker, faster, and more efficient. Most importantly, it was a cheaper replacement than most of the previous Porsche.

The German sports car company introduced the Porsche in 1997 and continued its production until 2006. When a buyer is looking for a sports car to use every day, there is no better option compared to the Porsche 911. Later, the 996 was replaced by the more efficient 997.

In this article, I will tell you about the Porsche 911 996. If you are curious about the car, keep reading the article to find out more.

What's New for 2023?

Porsche celebrated its 70th year this year selling cars in North America. Porsche added a new off-road-oriented Dakar version to 911. This new version comes with a lifted suspension, same powertrain as its Carrera 4 GTS model, and knobby tires.

Porsche will make only 2500 cars of this newest version with a starting price of $223,450. There will also be a new range-topping American Edition GTS cabriolet within the 911 lineup. In the United States only 100 cars will be sold while 15 will be sold in Canada.

These cars will come with exterior paint of Azure Blue 356, seven-speed manual transmission, special body side graphics, and tri-finish wheels with red, silver and white detailing.

You will get to see black leather interior along with red detailing throughout the Porsche 911 interior. The car will come with illuminated doors sill plates that pays homage to Porsche’s North American history.

If you are interested in buying this new limited edition model then immediately contact your nearest Porsche dealer. The limited edition will probably sell out at $186,370. 

The Carrera T Porsche 911 model will sell out at $118,050 with a manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive and no rear seats.

So why wait if you are set in your mind to buy a Porsche this year. Grab this limited edition car from your nearest Porsche store.

Porsche 911 996 Specifications

Porsche 911 996 Specifications

The Porsche 911 996 made a significant shift from the previous cars in the line. It changed the previously air-cooled engine into a water-cooled engine with the new Porsche 996. The car rocks a sleeker body frame. The windshield of the 996 is more raked.

There was a new touch to the interior. A better looking fried egg-shaped headlamp was also introduced, replacing the older bug-shaped ones. The Porsche 911 996 cannot be one of the sturdiest and most compact sports cars; a solid competitor of the BMW m3 E46.

The Porsche 996 was produced in large numbers. There were 104,312 996 Coupes produced. A Total of 5,152 Targas and 65,700 Cabriolet body styles were also produced.

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The Porsche 911 996 is equipped with a twin-turbocharged petrol engine. The engine produces a 414 hp power (300bhp @ 6800 rpm) and a 258lb-ft @ 4600rpm torque. The car could sprint up to the speed of 62mph only within 5.2 seconds. The car can hit the top speed of 174 mph within 5.2 seconds.

The newer and upgraded version of the Porsche 911 996 is a more powerful version. In addition, the Porsche 911 996 is even faster. The upgraded version only takes 3.7 seconds to reach the 62 mph speed.

Exterior & Interior

Exterior & Interior

The Porsche 911 996 is loved for both its exterior and interior design. The wide body looks more stunning and apt for Porsche with an amazing full-length light strip. The 911 comes with a 20/21 inch wheel setup both on the rear and the front. Also, there are multiple color variants to look for.

Fuel Economy

As I said earlier, the Porsche 911 996 is an affordable sports car you can use daily. The fuel economy of the car is indicative of its affordability. The car returns a 22 mpg fuel economy which is good enough for a sports car. It has a 16.91 gal fuel tank.

Porsche 911 996 Price

The Carrera 996 is now replaced by a more powerful 997 model. If you want to buy this car, then you can get an old one for $20000. These cars usually had a mileage of around 2000000 miles. But, if you want something with low mileage, then the C4S models will come under $80000.

The Porsche 911 model starts from $107,550 in 2023. 

The Carrera 4 costs $114,850

The Carrera T costs $118,050

The Carrera S costs $124,450

The Targa 4 costs costs $127,650

The Carrera 4S costs $131,750

The Carrera GTS costs $144,050

The Targa 4S costs $144,550

The Carrera 4 GTS costs $151,350

The Targa GTS costs $164,150

The GTS America Edition costs $186,370

The Dakar costs $223,450

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The Porsche 911 996 has a 92.6 in wheelbase. It has a length of 4432 mm. The Carrera 4s and Turbo are slightly larger with 4435 lengths. The 1999 to 2001 model of the car is 1765 mm in width, while the 2002 to 2004 model of the Porsche 996 is 1770 mm in width.

The 4s and the Turbo are 1295mm tall, while the 40th-anniversary coupe is 1275 mm tall. The curb weight of the car is around 1317 kg.

Porsche 911 997

The upgraded version of the Porsche 996 made some upgrades to the pre-existing car. The front bumper is revised. The exterior mirrors are also enlarged. Also, the sports exhausts are redesigned. Also, the car sprints much faster than the 996 Porsche.

Highs Of Porsche 911

Porsche 911 is an all season high performance car with powerful turbocharged flat-six engines and benchmark steering feel.

Lows Of Porsche 911

Porsche 911 also has its lows with limited interior storage, higher prices than other cars and automatic shifters that take time to learn.

Verdict On Porsche 911

Whatever may be its low one cannot deny that it feels thrilling to drive a Porsche 911. It is well worth it to buy this ‘dreamy’ car if you can afford it as Porsche knows what it's worth. Very easy to live with a Porsche 911.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The Porsche 911 996 was a fine car when you are looking for a sports car that you can use on a daily basis. Here are popularly asked questions about the car. If you have more queries, these questions can help you.

1. How Much Is A Porsche 996 Worth?

When you are looking for sports cars at a low price, there are multiple options to look for. But, the Porsche 996 is the most affordable option and also a better performer at the price range. The car that ran for more than 200000 miles will come within $20000. But if you go for cars with extremely low mileage, you will avail them within $80000.

2. How Much Horsepower Does A Porsche 996 Have?

The Porsche 996 is plenty powerful. The engine produces 414 horsepower at 6000 rpm speed and 6000 rpm and 415 lb. ft torque. The car has an all-wheel-drive system, and it has a 6-speed manual transmission.

3. Is The 996 A Good Car?

If you compare it to other sports cars, the 996 is good in multiple aspects. The car is compact, only 30 mm wider compared to the 993 before it. It was easier and simpler to maintain. It is one of those sports cars you can use every day.

4. Which Is Better: Porsche 996 Or 997?

The 996 is indeed the pioneer in the line of 911 models by Porsche. But the 997 surpasses 996 in many aspects. For instance, the 997 revs better than the 996. The 997 sports PASM and is more versatile compared to the 996. The 997 is lighter and more powerful compared to the 996.

Bottom line

Not everyone wants a sports car so that they can take it to a racing track and sprint. If you want a sports car for daily use and a little bit of show-off, then the Porsche 911 996 is a good option. The smooth driving experience puts a smile on your face while the mpg rate does not wear you out.

I hope that you loved this car review. In the $20000 to $30000 price range, a 911 Porsche 996 is not a bad option. Would you buy this car? Please let us know your opinion about the same.

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