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honda s2000

We all know what a legend the Honda S2000 is. I can bet that it was on the bucket list of many car lovers. Unfortunately, the car had been around for years only until it faded into the abyss of memory in 2009.

Yes, the car is not an exotic supercar. But the honda s2000 had its level of beauty and charm. This sleek-looking two-seater had a premium look and power. The two-liter I-4 engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox of the S2000 were charmers back in the day.

Now, if you ask me why the honda s2000 is so expensive? Then the unfortunate answer is that Honda stopped manufacturing the car with only a few numbers of the car being made.

Unfortunately, in 2009, Honda stopped manufacturing this beauty for an open-top sports car. If you have a love for cars, you can read this some what nostalgic lament for an appreciation of this content.

The following article praises what the honda s2000 used to be and what were its features and qualities.

Honda S2000: How It Started

Honda S2000 How It Started

In 1999 Honda first launched the open-top sports car we know as Honda S2000. The concept of the car was released way earlier in 1995. In 1995, the S2000 was showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show by the famous car manufacturing brand Honda. At that time, The car was named SMM.

But, the car was released in 1999 during the 50th anniversary of Honda as a celebration. There are two versions of the vehicle. The initial one had a chassis code named AP1. Several modifications were made to the car, including its cosmetics and engines. Another version, the facelifted one, was called AP2 in North America and Japan. Unfortunately, in 2009 Honda stopped the production of this open-top sports car.

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Honda: S2000 Specifications

Honda S2000 Specifications

According to 1999, the S2000 had pretty neat specifications for a sleek and simple sports car. The concept car was named SMM, based on which Honda made the first S2000 and was given the chassis designation of AP1.

The car had a front-engine, and it was powered by a 1997 cc inline four-cylinder that generated 177 to 184 kW power ( around 237 to 247 hp). The car also generated 153 to 161 lb-ft torque.

The 2.2-liter engine is mated with a 6-speed manual transmitter. The car had a capable braking system, and it could speed upto 149 mph. The acceleration was pretty smooth as well; you could speed up to 60mph within 5.4 seconds.

The car weighed 1295kg to 1299 kg; it had a length of 4120 mm and a width of 1750 mm. Since it was an open-top car, it is not too high ( only 1285 mm).

In 2008 the car received more trim levels. For instance, the Club racer.

In the 2007 April New York International Auto Show, the Club Racer made its debut in the world. Several changes were made to the club racer model. The changes included:

  • A revised exhaust system.
  • Lower ratio steering rack.
  • Darker color wheels.
  • Black lug nuts.
  • Stiffer suspension.
  • Colored side wheels. 

There were 11 exterior color options and only two interior color options. The interior color options are named Black, Alcantara, and yellow.

The exterior colors are named:

  • Grand Prix white
  • Spa yellow pearl
  • New formula red
  • Apex blue pearl
  • Sebring silver metallic
  • Chicane silver metallic
  • Laguna blue pearl
  • Rio yellow pearl
  • Suzuka blue metallic
  • Silverstone metallic

S2000 Honda Productions

S2000 Honda Productions

The car emerged as a means to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Honda. After showcasing the concept in Tokyo in 1995, Honda released the first car in 1999. They planned to release 2000 units of this unique open-top sports car.

The standard version and the Club Racer version kept on releasing the car. However, in 2009 Honda decided to stop the production of this car with only 700 units being produced.

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Benefits of S2000!

  • There are four colors to choose from when you order or buy a S2000 namely black, silver, red and white.
  • If you buy a S2000, you will have a keyless entry along with a cruise control and a CD player.
  • There is also a digital instrument display accompanying the car and the advantage is that in direct sunlight, the display does not fade. 
  • The brakes on S2000 helps build confidence in the owner especially with the strong stops acquired from 70 mph and 159 feet is required for the same.
  • Another significant advantage of using this car is that it does not take a nosedive when you use the brake hard.
  • There is a lot of legspace in the S2000 which is completely opposite to what is considered as one of the traditional sports-car vices. People who are six foot and above can easily relax and drive this car! 
  • For the left foot, there is a dead pedal thus, you can perform footwork without hampering anything.

Drawbacks Of S2000!

  • One of the major shortcomings of the sports-car is that there is very little storage space. 
  • The door pockets are quite small while there is a small glove box which is very inconveniently located between the seat backs of the car.
  • The trunk of the car is 5 cubic feet which means you can keep very limited objects and things in your trunk.

What Is The Verdict?

From the perspective of an owner of an S2000, it is one of the best cars as compared to rev-hungry Japanese cars. The Honda will take some time to get used to. According to the reviews by users, there is a complaint regarding storage.

Apart from this, 6000rpm is hardly in a car especially in the age of turbo diesels. The car gives you a naturally aspirated experience!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Honda S2000? If you have further queries, you can read these questions that I have answered here.

Q1. What Is An S2000 Worth?

The car has stopped manufacturing. Suppose you are looking for an older version you can buy it for a very low price. An old version of the same car will cost you $7,231 to $13,114.

Q2. Is The Honda S2000 A Rare Car?

The S2000 by Honda is hard to come by. Honda stopped manufacturing this car in 2009. Following the stop in production, the price of the car has hiked up to six figures from a price of $30000. Honda only sold 700 of the S2000, making them a rare collectible item in the market.

Q3. Is The Honda S2000 Discontinued?

The Honda S2000 had some features loved by contemporary car lovers. However, if you are looking for it, you will be disappointed since honda stopped manufacturing this car in 2009. Honda only sold 700 of these cars and discontinued them after 2009.

Q4. What Is The Top Speed Of A Honda S2000?

The S2000 by honda had a 2.2-liter I-4 engine, and the car was capable of producing a 237 hp power. While driving, you could reach 60mph speed whiting 5.4 seconds. The S2000 had a top speed of 149 mph.


There had been rumors about the S2000’s return, but Honda has not confirmed any of them. Since only 700 of these cars were sold, they are hard to come by. They are so rare now that you can keep one of them in your collection for a six-figure price.

Many open-top two-seaters will come and go, but the S2000 will remain close to many car lovers’ hearts. The fast acceleration and the smooth-riding quality may be paralleled by many other cars, but those who spent time with this beauty will always cherish them.

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