People from all around the world want to save money when they choose auto insurance policies. The problem is that they rarely realize that there is a huge difference between being cheap and being frugal. When you opt for cheap insurance, you most likely end up with several problems in the future.

If you want to choose the very best auto insurance policy, you gain several benefits. However, this only happens if you manage to avoid the very common mistakes we highlight below.

Accepting Basic And Standard:

FSRAO showed that third-party liability (commonly known as TPL) and accident benefits (commonly known as AB) make up 52.6% of all insurance claims costs. As a default, insurance companies give you access to basic and standard coverage. This would almost always fall short of your expectations.

What Are Accident Benefits?

Accident Benefits

These pay for income replacement, attendant care, and rehabilitation. For instance, accident benefits will help you get treated when you suffer a whiplash injury during a car accident. If the accident benefits you have in your policy are low, you end up paying a lot out of your own pocket for care.

What Is Third-Party Liability?

TPL will cover costs when you cause the accident and you injure someone else’s property or someone. There are almost always minimums in place that are much lower than you might expect. Seriously consider increasing this coverage.


It is always a very good idea to not let the auto insurance policy auto-renew. When it is time to renew your policy, the best thing you can do is to shop around. This is because there might be another deal available for you that would be much more beneficial than what you currently have.

You can also renew your policy with the provider you already have. This is definitely a possibility but when you do so, negotiate. Car insurance quotes can easily be compared online. Take advantage of this possibility to save money and/or get more coverage.

Side Hustles:

Are you interested in making an extra income through some side hustles like delivering food or being an Uber driver? In such cases, you do get some insurance coverage but your auto insurance might become void when you do not inform the provider.

Remember that insurance companies charge premiums based on the risk you are exposed to. This is why when you perform some commercial activities, the risk profile is increased. Naturally, the policy would be more expensive. A failure to inform the insurance company always leads to losing coverage, and the money you receive.

Driving Habit Changes:

Your driving habits do influence auto insurance premiums. A very common related problem appears when you auto-renew policies. In this case, you might not update the number of kilometers that you drive per year in your policy.

When you get a new job and you need to drive more, your insurance policy needs to be updated. Because you drive more, the premium should be increased. The opposite also applies. When you do not inform the provider about driving activity changes, many negative repercussions are possible.

Car Insurance Payment Mistakes:

You can pay for your car insurance in numerous ways these days. This includes direct withdrawal, credit cards, and making online payments. Most people know this but they do not know that payments can be made annually, quarterly, or monthly.

When you pay monthly, there is an extra charge you have to account for. It is usually up to 3% more than the premium. When you pay the policy for the entire year, the extra fees are removed. You might even receive a discount.

Regardless of the payment plan you choose, make sure that you never miss premium payments. This can have some serious negative consequences. Save money on premiums by asking for a discount whenever you see that your current insurance is just way too expensive.

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