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When you have decided to sell your used car, it is recommended that you sell it through a reputed car reseller such as CarSwitch. A good place to start when you have decided to sell cars in Dubai is to figure out what you’re looking for in a used car dealership. For most people, three influencing factors are of prime importance when evaluating dealers: price, availability, and service.


Nobody wants to pay more than they have to when purchasing a used car, and people like to feel proud when they believe they’ve cracked the code and beaten the system when they get a great price on a vehicle.

Car Models Availability

It is a tricky business to sell cars in Abu Dhabi. Availability and choices are crucial, because if a dealer’s used vehicle stock is scarce, so are your chances of selling. If a used car dealership doesn’t have the particular model equipped with the options the buyers seek, the dealer is not preferred by most. Trust a used car dealer such as CarSwitch that has a good range of vehicles in its stock.

Customer Service

People need other people, and even the most knowledgeable used car shopper benefits from rewards thanks to stellar customer service. Informed client care and service is of prime importance. It fosters a bond of trust, which is deeply rooted with integrity between the consumer and the dealership. This allows you to focus on obtaining accurate solutions to problems rather than avoidance of unnecessary expenses in the future.

Connect with an exceptional used car dealer offering competitive prices, friendly service, with an extensive range of available products. Following these steps can help get you the best deal for your money.

Do your homework

These days, it’s hard to hide or keep poor service by a dealership a secret. For the most part, you are bound to find a review highlighting this fact somewhere on the Internet. We live in an era, which provides unprecedented levels of transparency, and this will be very useful as you evaluate car dealerships.

Most websites offer car shoppers a chance to share their dealership experiences on a public platform. If not, you can almost always find substantial information about a particular dealer online. This can be helpful in helping you thin the herd when selecting a used car dealer.

Consider longevity

All other factors apart, you’ll want to shop with a used car dealer that has been around for a quite some time. Your experience at the dealership doesn’t end when you leave their parking lot with your purchase. In the years to come, you’re likely to pay many more visits to the auto dealership to get your vehicle serviced or repaired. If your dealer has been around for a while, the odds are in your favor that the facility will still be there to serve you when you need assistance in the future.

Longevity is also a promising indicator of how well a company is able to manage its business. Poorly run establishments quickly crumble by the wayside while those placing an emphasis on ethical practices and commendable client care tend to flourish. By choosing a used car dealership that’s been on the map for a few years, you’re bettering the odds of working with a center capable of providing you with a satisfying standard of care.

Compare prices

While a lower price point shouldn’t be the only factor you choose a specific dealership, it’s certainly an important aspect to consider. Compare prices with other dealers, and make the process simpler by doing it online.

Pay attention to perks

Consumer perks are frequently offered to serve as a selling point during a new-used car deal and as a way to attract loyal maintenance and repair customers during the course of vehicle ownership. It is also done to differentiate one dealership from another.

Here are some worthy bonuses to consider:

  • Car washes.
  • Loaner cars.
  • Pickup and drop-off service.
  • Free oil change and tire rotation.

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