Travel to Rohtas:

After my 12th exams got over, I wanted to go for a trip with a few of my closest friends. As our parents still considered us young, we got permission for a single day. We decided to plan a trip to someplace near Patna, so less time is spent on travel. After a long discussion, all of us finalized on Rohtas. It was not very far and not very near to Patna, making it ideal for a day trip. Now we needed a car to travel to Rohtas. Going by public transport would not be enjoyable, so we wanted to book an AC cab from Patna to Rohtas. Our parents were also concerned about our safety, so they advised us to be careful while booking a cab.

Overview and daily activities:

We started early morning from Patna. There are three routes to Rohtas; the shortest is via NH139 and Chandi-Nasirganj, the second is also via NH139 but goes through Sasaram, and the third and longest is via Arrah, Piro and Bikramganj. We took the shortest route to save time. As we started early, so we stopped midway at Arwal for refreshments. Rohtas is a city of historical importance due to it being under the Magadha Empire. The most critical place is the Rohtasgarh Fort, which is a historical architectural marvel from the Mughal era. Another one Tarachandi has a beautiful temple on its premises. Apart from the abundance of ancient monuments, Rohtas has got many significant religious places as well. There is Chacha Fagumal Sahib Ji's gurdwara, which is a holy place and a must visit due to its architectural wonders. Other tourist destinations include Akbarpur, Akhorigola, Rehal,  Bhaluni Dham,  Deo Markandey, Dhruwan Kund and Gupta Dam. We spent the day enjoying these beautiful historical places and soon realized that the idea to book an AC cab from Patna to Rohtas proved right in the summer heat. In the evening we started our return journey to Patna but through Sasaram as we wanted to visit the exquisite tomb of Sher Shah Suri in the Shergarh Fort. Built by Hassan Shah Sur, it is something one should not miss. After that, we started towards Patna, and it was well into the night when we reached home. Our parents were also happy to see that we had a safe and enjoyable trip. We thanked them for their instruction to always book safe and trusted cabs in Patna.

How to reach Rohtas from Patna:

Rohtas is near to Patna, so one can easily take a bus or a train to get there. For sightseeing, it's best to go by car or taxi, so that one can follow a flexible agenda.  To ensure the trip is comfortable and relaxing, always book an AC cab from Patna to Rohtas.

Distance and time took:

The shortest route distance between Patna and Rohtas is 149 km, and the journey takes 4 hours. The distance and time may vary according to the starting point and traffic on the road.

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