The Perfect Tuscany Summer Escapes

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Where do you go when summer arrives? The obvious answer is Tuscany. But the region is quite large, at least with regards to the number of attractions it has on offer. You can’t just wander Tuscany randomly.

If your goal is to have some fun in the sun whilst also steering clear of the overbearing nature of the city’s streets, consider wandering through some of these places:



People go to Abetone to ski. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid it during the summer. Abetone is beautiful in the summer. This is when all the animal and plant life comes out to play.

If you have an open mind, you will appreciate the botanical gardens and the Eco-museum.

Orrido di Botri:

Lucca is, on its own, quite the interesting location. And if your tour ever finds you in the city, Orrido di Bottri isn’t that far off either. Just go north. You don’t need an extensive lecture to understand why the limestone gorge is so interesting to visit.

There is so much to see and do. Simply traversing Orrido di Botri will engage your adventurous spirit far more effectively than anything Lucca has to offer.

But you should try to restrict your visits to months when the weather is pleasant and the water is low. Otherwise, Orrido di Botri can prove to be quite a hazardous location for some people.


Talamone was made for people who appreciate aquatic life. You can do all the fishing you desire here. The water is pristine and clear. The beaches are long and sandy, and the weather is welcoming.

Talamone offers both relaxation and exciting activity in equal measure. You won’t find that many places in Tuscany with such a bizarre blend.

Monte Amiata:

Monte Amiata is a mountain. Actually, it is a dormant volcano. If you have ever encountered the hot springs in Grosseto and Siena, Monte Amiata is to blame. People have a tendency to flock to the mountain in the winter.

So if you go there in the summer, you don’t have to share the Monte Amiata with anyone. There are spas for those visitors looking to unwind. Adventurers will get a kick out of Abbadia San Salvatore, a town that looks like it walked right out of a medieval fairytale.

You basically get a little bit of everything.




You can tour Maremma as a whole but the Tufa towns are especially fascinating because of their history. It isn’t just their Jewish heritage that will keep you engaged but also the military architecture at Sorano and the Saturnia Hot Springs.

The Tufa towns tend to speak for themselves. The moment you step foot on their grounds, it won’t take you long to realize that a special treat awaits you.

Tuscany is a great escape for summer visitors. San Galgano Abbey in Siena has Gothic-Cistercian architecture. Poppi in the Casentino region is home to a summer event that celebrates local heritage.

Giglio Island has great beaches. You can find an attraction in Tuscany to match whatever interest you have in the summer. Do not be afraid to take risks. Some of the most unassuming places often possess the most intriguing attractions.

The Estate of Petroio:

No one travels to Italy just so they can stay in a luxurious Tuscany estate, or so you would think. But it isn’t that difficult to understand the allure.

The estate of Petroio is situated within nine hundred hilly acres near Florence and it features 12th Century accommodations in the form of a villa and two stone farmhouses. The estate is owned by an event designer who found a way to preserve the ancient aspects of the property whilst also introducing 21st Century amenities.

You can get to the estate by train and car. The owner is quite flexible about the role the estate can perform. You could even host a wedding event if you wished it.

Is it that hard to imagine tourists flying to Tuscany just to get a taste of life in this unique setting? After all, Florence is just around the corner. By securing a place at the estate of Petroio, you are also securing easy access to Florence’s attractions.

This is on top of everything else the estate brings to the table.

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